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Web3 Apps

Check out these best Web3 apps for 2023

The most recent phase of the Internet is Web3 and it’s definitely a huge talking point. Its popularity definitely makes people look up to some Web3 Apps. The article appeals to 10 most popular web3 apps. here are the Web3 apps for 2023.


The most popular tool provided and used on the new blockchain-based platform is the Sapien web3 application. Users can create their own decentralized applications using the Ethereum blockchain without paying for them by setting up SPN, an ERC 20 value token.


An open source application called Storj powers and affects the blockchain to provide encrypted cloud storage. They use blockchain technology and offer many of the same benefits as distributed storage, but with a dispersed organization.


DTube is a decentralized alternative to YouTube, just like Brave is a decentralized alternative to popular browsers. Videos that appear in user feeds are not under the authority of the decentralized video streaming platform.

On DTube, users have full control over what they see and share.


Users of this decentralized web3 application can submit applications. It connects recruiters and job seekers.

Ethlance is the first job market platform to run solely on the Ethereum blockchain and with no service fees.


A web3 application called LivePeer allows constant communication between two people.

Moreover, it allows users to film their PC screens and watch movies online. These can be downloaded as video files or saved as GIFs.


It is an online social network.

The algorithm is used by Sola to provide its readers with relevant content based on their preferences.

Users achieve their goals and foster an atmosphere where their customers are treated well.

brave navigator

The Brave browser was always going to be one of the most popular apps among the major Web 3. It is a brand new browser that aims to provide mobile users with ad blocking and other privacy enhancing features.

In fact, Brave has become one of the most popular substitutes for other widely used browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.


Steemit is another example of a social networking application built using web3 standards.

It functions as a decentralized social blogging website and is more like the Web3 equivalent of Reddit.

User content monetization is the main selling point of Steemit as one of the sample Web3 apps.


Decentraland is an online virtual environment with a variety of engaging experiences. It is considered the most touted project in the metaverse or the future of Web 3. Decentraland is a clear contender for the best Web3 applications because it offers something unique.

People can chat, chat and play games with other users in the virtual environment.


The new decentralized messaging app Secretum would also be included in the list of web 3.0 apps you should use in 2023.

Secretum can be compared to a decentralized version of messaging services like WhatsApp.

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