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Alta Loma Brew Co. has partnered with Dinr, a hospitality startup that uses smart contracts to create customizable experiences for craft beer.

“Word live has been raising alarm bells lately,” Dinr founder Stephen Figura said. “People have connected their experience with the metaverse in my industry; we do no such thing.

What Dinr does is build individual beer clubs for breweries on the blockchain and give craft beer fans a marketplace to trade with each other. “Memberships will give our early supporters something to show off,” said Al Penaranda, Managing Partner of Alta Loma Brew Co. “I’m excited to see this project take off. There’s a lot of new value that can be created for us and I think that’s really unique.

The brewery tells Dinr what it wants its memberships to look like, who it wants to attract, and how inclusive or exclusive it wants to be. Dinr takes care of the technical side, builds a campaign site and works with the brewery on artwork and branding for their memberships. Regarding exposure, breweries are encouraged to advertise. At the end of Dinrs, memberships are automatically posted to the breweries’ social media accounts.

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