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Microsoft has made a big bet on a nascent sector, artificial intelligence (AI), which could shape the future of crypto technology and industry for years to come. The latter sector seems set to profit from the emerging trend and the billions invested in its products and services.

Today, Microsoft confirmed its plan to invest millions of dollars in capital in Open AI, the company behind the popular ChatGPT program, Dalle-E and others. Thus, the company has taken the first step in a technology race that is expected to intensify in 2023.

Microsoft’s bet foresees a new trend in the field of crypto?

In the crypto industry, several projects are trying to leverage blockchain, big data, and artificial intelligence to provide new solutions. A to study from Trading Browser revealed the projects that attract the most attention from users.

These projects are the ones that will benefit from a future bull run. With a rising Bitcoin price and a multi-billion dollar investment from Microsoft that will attract other giants, such as Google and Facebook, crypto-AI is a potential sector to watch over the course of the year.

According to the report, 10 cryptocurrencies are attracting the attention of users. The first of these projects is The Graph, a Coinbase-backed project that functions as an indexing protocol to “query networks” such as Ethereum and IPFS.

This project has seen over 8,100 global monthly searches on Google and will likely see a further increase in the metric as AI becomes a bigger trend. The Graph has partnered with the Ethereum second layer solution, Optimism, and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) project Celo.

Adding to its search volume, the project’s native GRT token has seen a 52% rally in the past 30 days and a 27% rally in the past two weeks. Most of these gains parallel Microsoft’s investment and ChatGPT’s surge in popularity.

Microsoft AI OpenAI ChatGPT
GRT price in rally since early 2023 on the 4-hour chart. Source: TRUSDT Tradingview

In addition to The Graph, Aion (AION) and saw an increase in search volume. These projects recorded approximately 8,000 monthly searches. The metric has also increased over the past 30 days, coinciding with Microsoft showing public interest in the industry, as seen in the chart below.

FET Microsoft MSTR Chart 2 monthly search volume. Source: Google through Tradingbrowser

During this period, AION saw bullish action similar to that of GRT. The token records a profit of 25% in 30 days.’s native token, FET, registers a 216% increase this month alone, showing the strength of this trend and its potential to continue its rally as the crypto emerges from a prolonged winter.

Other AI tokens to watch in 2023

The report also rated Cortex, Covalent, Measurable Data Token, PARSIQ, Pawtocol, Xmon, and Cindicator due to their global search volume on Google. In addition to these projects, Singularity Network attracts the attention of the crypto community.

This AI ecosystem and market wants to decentralize this technology. Founded by Ben Goertzel, the project has partnered with IOG, the company behind Cardano, Hanson Robotics, Swae, TODA and other AI-based projects to “democratize” the industry and empower its users.

It remains to be seen whether this trend will become the non-fungible token (NFT) or the decentralized finance (DeFi) of the next bull cycle. Both of these sectors have entered the mainstream and captured billions from its investors in a short time.

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