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VSThe rypto markets remained heavily consolidated over the past weekend as the price of Bitcoin continues to trade along the same support zone. The flagship cryptocurrency closed the previous week at around $19,000 with low volatility and low volume. Markets barely moved, showing strong signs of exhaustion as indices continued to fall. Therefore, in such a scenario where the volatility period extends strongly, a big move can be speculated in the next couple of weeks.

With a slight shift in market sentiment, some of the major altcoins could also rise with huge bullish momentum.

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Chain link prices have been showing significant strength since the beginning of September and, after a slight rebound, they could soon begin with a firm recovery. However, given the current price action, the LINK price should accumulate some strength. As the volume has been reduced, the price might experience a slight pullback. Additionally, a gigantic rally can take the price close to $10 if it manages to hold above $7.65.

Terra Classic (LUNC)

Classic Earth‘s price surged over the past weekend and attempted to recover the crucial resistance at $0.00036. However, it showed significant strength as it managed to trade above $0.00032. If the price manages to hold within the resistance zone without swinging, then a noticeable rally can emerge. Otherwise, the price may continue to trade around $0.0003 for longer. On the positive side, a break above $0.00036 could pave the way for a significant recovery above $0.00045.

Litecoin (LTC)

After a gigantic rally, Litecoin prices are currently consolidating strongly and dipping towards the lower crucial zone. However, despite a noticeable pullback, prices must hold the crucial lower levels between $43 and $46. If HODL price is at these levels, a notable rally to a 3-digit level could only be imminent after testing and clearing the pivotal areas at $81.

Polygon (MATIC)

Despite a bearish month-end, the Polygon(MATIC) is showing acute strength as it holds firmly above $0.75 after recovering the pivot zone around $0.72. The assets usually become very volatile as they broke above the $0.72 levels and therefore also carry the possibility of a retest at the $0.65 levels. If it manages to hold above $0.75, the price levels could break above $0.80 very soon.

Avalanche (AVAX)

avalancheThe price of is showing a contrasting rally against all of the above altcoins as the asset looks set for another 10% decline in the coming days. Additionally, the platform lags volume and volatility, which can drive the price near $16 or even below these levels. If the price holds at these levels, a rally can push the price up close to $18. Failure, on the other hand, can cause the price to drop sharply to $15.75 initially and then to $14.

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