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The IMPT presale has now raised over $13.2 million in funds, just over a month since inception. The figure puts the Ethereum-based carbon credit market on track to meet its overall target of $25.98 million, with growing market appetite for ESG investing helping it gain momentum.

As of this writing, the sell is currently offering 1 IMPT at a price of $0.023, but this is expected to drop to $0.028 once it enters its third and final stage. From there, IMPT will eventually go public, which should give it a big price boost and help investors earn a profit.

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Investors can join the IMPT presale by visiting and connect their Wallet Connect or MetaMask wallets. They can use ETH or USDT to purchase the IMPT token, which will have a maximum total supply of 3 billionthe presale offering 60% of this total to the community.

A growing number of investors seized the opportunity to participate in the sale, which began on October 3, and went through many stages on its way to raising more than $13 million. This raised $150,000 in its first 24 hoursbefore reaching $550,000 in 48 hours, 1 million dollars in 72 hours, $2 million in five days, 3 million dollars in one weekand also 4 million dollars in 11 days.

IMPT has its fundamentals to thank for being able to attract such a large investment in such a short time. Running on the Ethereum blockchain, it will allow consumers to shop through a network of “thousands“distribution brands, all of which dedicate a portion of their turnover to environmental actions.

Thus, users will be able to support the development of eco-responsible activities and projects simply by spending money online. At the same time, they will receive the IMPT token as a reward for purchasing items through the IMPT platform, with these tokens enabling them to acquire NFT-based carbon credits.

Once acquired, these credits can then be traded on the IMPT market, while also being able to be withdrawn. This means they will be taken out of circulation and used to boost a user’s score, which tracks their carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Using rewards will incentivize consumers to shop in a more environmentally friendly way, choosing brands on the IMPT platform over retailers elsewhere who may or may not support green projects. Additionally, IMPT’s use of the Ethereum blockchain will help make the carbon credit market more transparent, as its NFT-based carbon credits will be visible on Ethereum.

In fact, the opacity has been a problem for the carbon offset market for several years. And it’s because the IMPT promises to help rectify this that it has helped attract ESG-conscious investors.

After the presale

While IMPT has yet to announce any upcoming swap announcements after the presale ends, no doubt these will be confirmed soon enough, especially considering how much the sale has already generated. .

And when the quotes roll in, early investors should be in line for above-market gains. In fact, many presale pieces comfortably beat the market this year, with Tamadoge (TAMA) increase up to 1800% after registration, and with Battle Infinity (IBAT) increases by 260% in August from its pre-sale price of $0.015.

And with IMPT having fundamentals at least as strong as the two projects above, its native token could show significant gains when it goes public next year. It could also help thousands of people (if not more) reduce their carbon footprint and have a positive impact on Earth’s environment.

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