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representation of the two “physical” cryptographic stamps Copyright: Austrian Post

Cryptostamp HQ at night Copyright: Austrian Post / RIAT LABS

Cryptostamp HQ Copyright: Austrian Post / RIAT LABS


VIENNA, AUSTRIA, September 27, 2022 / — Austrian Post and PostNL are launching the world’s first joint issue of a crypto stamp. Austrian Post issued the world’s first blockchain stamp with a digital twin on the Ethereum blockchain in 2019.

Both editions of the new Crypto stamp 2022 – in Austria “Crypto stamp 4.0”, in the Netherlands the “NL Crypto stamp” – share the same Taurus motif. The bull stands for optimism in the world of crypto and finance and bull markets also mean rising prices. Leaving aside the motif, the two editions vary considerably in their design: the Dutch edition comes in the national colors red-white-blue and has a tulip, while the Austrian stamp is red-white-red and has an edelweiss . Get them now at

In addition, Austrian Post – a company with a very traditional business model for over 500 years – has opened a branch in the Open Metaverse Decentraland. Users can participate in an exciting treasure hunt to win limited edition clothing and helmets for Decentraland as well as previous versions of the Crypto stamp. Register now at

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