Automata Network’s 1RPC Now Supports Harmony Mainnet, Brings Total Networks To 22

As investors and traders are now switching to decentralized finance following the collapse of several centralized exchanges (CEX), the need for top-notch privacy has become essential. One tool that is showing immense promise in addressing privacy concerns in DeFi is the 1st Remote Procedure Call (1RPC) system, and Automata Network is revolutionizing the privacy system with 1RPC. In a recent announcement, Automata Network has extended its 1RPC to Harmony mainnet, bringing the total number of supported networks to 22. 

1RPC And Web3 Privacy Protection 

Leading decentralized privacy service protocol, Automata Network, has announced that its innovative 1RPC now supports Harmony mainnet. Automata recently unveiled their complementary and private Remote Procedure Call (RPC) relay, which has been specifically designed to enhance privacy protection within the rapidly expanding Web3 ecosystem.

The announcement of the 1RPC platform by Automata Network emphasizes its role as a free-to-use private RPC relay, aiming to safeguard end-users from potential risks in the wake of Web3’s continuous growth.

There’s no question that Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) play an essential role in the blockchain domain. Decentralized applications (dApps) connect with the blockchain through RPC nodes, allowing users to access and interact with the network for various actions, such as checking balances or initiating transactions. However, sharing requests via the RPC provider can leave a user’s metadata vulnerable to exposure.

The potential risks to user data span across all interactions within the ecosystem, including NFT bidding. The Automata Network’s 1RPC could be a vital component in establishing vital privacy protection for users.

Primarily, 1RPC provides a secure technical design that incorporates features like “do not track” and “anti-phishing,” offering key advantages to users in terms of preserving their personal information and maintaining self-sovereignty.

Deli Gong, co-founder at Automata Network, said, “The radical thing about Web3 is that you can build a better alternative to the status quo any time. It’s why we launched 1RPC as a free relay to bring more users into the privacy-conscious culture we want to foster for the industry…”

1RPC Adds Harmony Mainnet 

1RPC has now extended its support to include Harmony One, raising the total count of networks supported by the Web3 relay to 22. For those unfamiliar with Harmony, it is a swift and open blockchain that hosts Ethereum applications on its Mainnet, boasting 2-second transaction finality and fees 100 times lower.

With over 4 billion relays protected so far, 1RPC showcases the technical potential for addressing some of the most challenging issues that have emerged from previous disruptive technologies. The relay employs various techniques to eliminate metadata exposure and leakage, equipping itself to safeguard privacy for the upcoming generation of internet users.

1RPC is set to provide one-click privacy protection with compatibility across multiple leading blockchain platforms.

According to Automata Network, the technology can be utilized on various platforms such as AltLayer, Arbitrum, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Gear, Kusama, Polkadot, and Polygon, among others.

Integrating 1RPC into your wallet is a breeze: With just one click, you can switch between 1RPC or 1RPC+ on Harmony. Harmony users can access the dedicated 1RPC endpoint at

Here’s a simple, step-by-step guide to adding 1RPC to your wallet:

  • Head to the dashboard and search for Harmony, as shown above.
  • Click on the wallet icon.
  • Confirm the wallet message to add the 1RPC Harmony Mainnet.
  • You can now start enjoying the benefits of 1RPC.

By embracing innovative technologies like 1RPC, DeFi developers and users can continue to drive the growth of decentralized finance while safeguarding their most valuable asset: privacy. 

Though Web3 is perpetually evolving, the underlying framework enabling its operation is a well-thought-out design decision characterized by user sovereignty and an enhanced experience and utility derived from the ecosystem. 1RPC delves into this concept, promoting user-centric and highly customized interactions as the standard.

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