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The chief executive of the largest online cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, has taken aim at economist Nouriel Roubini after calling Changpeng “CZ” Zhao and his exchange a “walking time bomb”. Appearing at the Milken Institute’s Middle East and Africa Summit, Roubini described Changpeng Zhao as one of the “seven Cs of crypto” – an unflattering list that also included “hidden, corrupt, scammers, criminals, crooks, carnival barkers”. Roubini described crypto and some of its major players as a “totally corrupt ecosystem”. Zhao’s response to the criticism was simple: “We don’t care,” he told CNBC’s Dan Murphy. “Negative energy doesn’t go far in life and these people will generally remain poor,” he said. #Shorts

Thu 17 November 2022 14:42:03 GMT

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