Binance Introduces SUI, FLOKI, and PEPE Tokens to Binance Convert

Cryptocurrency exchange giant Binance has added three new tokens to its Binance Convert service, allowing users to trade SUI, FLOKI, and PEPE tokens against BTC, USDT, and any other supported tokens at zero fees.

The new addition to the Binance Convert service provides users with a simple tool to buy or sell cryptocurrencies without having to navigate the complex trading interface. With a live price based on the current market conditions, Binance Convert allows users to instantly convert their crypto or fiat assets anytime they want, without any fees.

Streamlined Crypto Trading Experience

To get started with Binance Convert, users can visit the Binance website and click “Trade” to select “Binance Convert” from the pop-up menu. On mobile, users can open the Binance app, tap “Trade,” and select “Convert” from the top menu.

Binance Convert is a quick and easy service that allows users to transform the cryptocurrency they hold into another cryptocurrency in a matter of seconds. It also powers the Convert function of the Binance app and is the primary option for buying crypto on the app’s Binance Lite mode.

With Binance Convert, users can complete a crypto deal in just four simple steps, all of which can be completed in seconds. The addition of SUI, FLOKI, and PEPE tokens to the service is sure to excite traders looking to diversify their cryptocurrency holdings.

Binance’s addition of the PEPE coin, along with SUI and FLOKI, is a significant development for the meme coin. PEPE achieved new highs last week and while it has faced a minor downward movement, it is still ranked 52 by market cap among all cryptocurrencies, with a current market cap of $904 million.

Binance continues to expand its offerings and add new tokens to its platform, cementing its position as one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. With its simple and user-friendly interface, Binance Convert is likely to appeal to a wide range of traders and investors, from beginners to experienced professionals.

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