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1 Binance (, the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, has launched a crypto education tour in 5 French-speaking African countries as part of its mission to drive crypto adoption.

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2 blockchains and enable greater financial accessibility in the region.

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3 On September 10, 2022, Binance kicked off the first meeting of the tour in Cotonou, Benignwith the aim of equipping crypto newbies and enthusiasts in the region with the necessary knowledge about blockchain technology and how to use it as a tool for financial freedom.

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4 The Benin meeting was an offline educational event that introduced people to the world of cryptocurrencies as well as the Binance ecosystem.

5 There were around 400 attendees with a keen interest in blockchain technology.

6 Participants also participated in engaging games such as a NFT quiz, with over 250 winners receiving NFTs. The rest of the tour will take place at: Go: September 24, 2022 Ivory Coast: October 8, 2022 Cameroon: October 22, 2022 Burkina Faso: October 9, 2022 Register here ( 3DEhblk) to register for a meeting in a nearby city.

seven Binance continues to be at the forefront of blockchain education through its offline meetups that have been instrumental in democratizing and deepening cryptocurrency adoption and accessibility. in French-speaking Africa.

8 Last month, the company launched a crypto education center in Yaoundé, Cameroon, to provide resources and training to young people in Francophone Africa.

9 Taking its mission one step further, the Francophone meetings demonstrate the blockchain giant’s ongoing commitment to providing opportunities for offline connections, learning, and experience sharing in the crypto space.

ten “It is clear that Francophone Africa has unlimited potential to be a key player in the blockchain revolution and we are committed to giving more people access to the information and tools needed to use digital assets and the blockchain.

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12 Community is an essential part of blockchain and by bringing like-minded people together to learn and grow across the space, the future of blockchain in Francophone Africa is inevitably bright. said Carine Dikambi, Head of Francophone Africa at Binance.

13 The importance of these educational initiatives for the region cannot be overstated.

14 This is in particular because the payments betbetween countries is quite difficult for Africans.

15 Cryptocurrency simplifies all this by innovating and simplifying fund transfers, cross-border transfers or settlements for users.

16 These innovations are a growth driver for cryptocurrency adoption in Francophone Africa and Africa as a whole, as they provide a borderless way for Africans to participate in the cryptocurrency market today.

17 With growing general user interest, education, and even media interest, cryptocurrencies have the potential to drive innovation, financial inclusion, and economic competitiveness in Francophone Africa. .

18 What to expect from upcoming meetings: Learn the basics of blockchain.

19 Find out how others use crypto in their daily lives and how to store value with crypto and earn from your crypto balances.

20 Understand the real applications of blockchain.

21 Understand cryptocurrency trading and how it works in simple terms.

22 If you are in French-speaking Africa and want to learn more about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, please use this link ( to register.


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