Binance Liquidity Farming Introduces WBTC Rewards for WBTC/ETH and WBTC/BTC Liquidity Pools

The top crypto exchange Binance has made an exclusive announcement about its Binance Liquidity Farming. The platform has mentioned that Binance Liquidity Farming has introduced a unique activity for the provision of rewards to the community. The crypto exchange has stated that, throughout the activity time, the entirety of the consumers will receive rewards in WBTC tokens.

Binance Liquidity Farming Offers WBTC Rewards for WBTC/ETH and WBTC/BTC Liquidity Pools

In addition to these rewards, the pool rewards and BNB rewards will also be provided to the consumers while incorporating liquidity to the liquidity pools containing WBTC/ETH and WBTC/BTC token pairs. While providing details about the development, the crypto exchange pointed out that Liquidity Farming plays the role of a guaranteed non-principal product. Keeping this in view, it added that there are chances for the occurrence of impermanent losses.

Rewards Will Be Offered Till the Completion of the Activity Period

As per the crypto exchange, the customers can calculate the likely impermanent loss. It also disclosed that the clients can still include liquidity to the liquidity pools including the WBTC/ETH and WBTC/BTC pairs with Liquidity Farming. On doing this, they will be provided liquidity rewards following the activity time. Binance clarified that the scope of the WBTC Combo Rewards is limited. In this way, these rewards will not remain available following the completion of the Activity period.

Apart from that, the platform also asserted that the cumulative amount of the rewards to be given to the consumers will depend on the liquidity pools’ APRs. The above-mentioned APRs are considered to be the estimates that are made at the current rate. In the words of the crypto exchange, an APR is dynamic and can fluctuate at times of amplified trading operations and market volatility.

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