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The future looks bright for Pi Network as the protocols share unique innovations at the Pi Hackathon.

Potential projects with unique utilities on the Pi network

News on the Pi Network Hackathon has spread across the blockchain space. With over 2,500 projects registered, the event continues to attract the best minds in the industry.

Pi Network launched the Hackathon to seek out the best innovations across three themes: Social Media, Games & Entertainment, and Consumer Utilities. So far, the event has lived up to expectations, producing many projects with unique uses. Indeed, the future looks bright for Pi Network.

Recently, we explored the GameFi and SocialFi ecosystems, covering the best choices looking to build on Pi Network. Today we’ll be looking at Consumer Utilities, exploring five protocols with unique use cases.

Pi Artwork Market

Pi Artwork Marketplace has a cool feature. The Protocol is an open marketplace and auction house that allows users to purchase artwork internally.


TaxiTec is UBER in the blockchain. It is a driver app that connects drivers with passengers. Users can perform similar tasks as a traditional driver app with the app. From requesting a ride to selecting a pickup location, TaxiTec connects customer service to the blockchain.

With TaxiTec, users would pay for rides using the Pi token, which would be calculated and billed automatically in the app.


PiBook is a Decentralized application (dApp) like Facebook. The platform will be for the IP community, where users can trade IPs and interact with a marketplace.

Pi Educentre

Pi Educenter is a dApp where users can access books, articles, documents and educational materials with PI tokens.

The documents will be available in ebook format, audio and video format. Content creators and writers will be allowed to register and contribute to the knowledge bank which will be categorized and organized appropriately. In turn, they will earn Pi coins. This will create jobs for the community and increase the demand for Pi.

Pi Academy

Pi Academy is an online academy and learning platform. The protocol will offer courses on the Pi project, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Pioneers will pay for these courses in Pi tokens or learn some for free.

Open the Pi Browser app, click brainstorm, and learn about the many projects interested in building on the Pi Network mainnet.

What is the Pi Network:

Pi Network is a new cryptocurrency and development platform that allows mobile users to mine Pi coins without draining the device battery. Pi’s blockchain not only secures economic transactions through a mobile meritocracy system, but also a complete Web 3.0 experience where community developers can build decentralized applications (dApps) for millions of users.

Where to find the Pi network:

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