Binance’s NFT marketplace to support Bitcoin Ordinals

Crypto exchange Binance said its marketplace would enable support for Bitcoin (BTC) Ordinals.

In a May 8 statement, Binance said it was enabling support for Bitcoin NFTs to elevate its marketplace to a multi-chain, open marketplace ecosystem, where users can explore and trade a variety of NFTs across multiple blockchains from their accounts.

“Binance NFT believes Bitcoin’s innovative technology and cultural significance represent an exciting new horizon, offering unique opportunities for NFT creation.”

The support would enable the exchange users to trade these NFTs directly from their accounts while enjoying its platform’s security and stability.

Binance said it would offer Bitcoin NFT creators royalties when their assets are bought and sold on its platform.

Bitcoin Ordinal Inscriptions cross 5 million

The number of Bitcoin NFTs spiked above 5 million after a recent surge in activity mainly consisting of text-based assets, data from Dune analytics show.

CryptoSlate Insight reported that these Inscriptions had generated a cumulative fee of 904 Bitcoin, benefiting BTC miners. As of press time, this has risen to 1,019 BTC ($27.64 million), according to Dune analytics data.

Bitcoin Ordinals
Source: Dune Analytics

The increase has followed the introduction of the Bitcoin Request for Comment (BRC-20) token standard, which allows users to transferable assets directly through the blockchain network.

In the last 24 hours, there were 241,880 unique inscriptions on Bitcoin, of which 193,349 were text-based. There were less than 500 inscriptions of images, applications, and tokens during the period.

According to the website, BRC-20 tokens have a total market cap of over $1 billion — with the top token being Ordi, valued at $471.47 million.

Meanwhile, the BRC-20 tokens have a cumulative volume of over $207 million during the last 24 hours.

The current BTC NFTs drive has pushed the average network fees to $30.91 — a level not seen since April 2021.

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