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The two main cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, have experienced a volatile market in recent months. As the prices of these digital assets continue to fluctuate, investors and analysts are looking for signs of what the future holds.

Bitcoin has seen a meteoric rise, surpassing $21,300 and Ethereum is no slouch either, having hit a high of over $16,000.

Binance Launched in Bahrain: What You Need to Know About Crypto Exchange Trading

Binance, the world’s leading crypto exchange, announced the launch of via a press release. This allows users to trade digital assets with ease and convenience. will allow Bahraini citizens to transact in their own currency, making it easier to deposit and withdraw. Additionally, they can access a wide range of Binance’s well-regulated products and services.

By connecting their bank accounts to their accounts, users in Bahrain can enjoy local currency top-up/withdrawal services through the platform. This is offered as part of the products and services available on

The Central Bank of Bahrain and the Economic Development Board have been instrumental in guiding Binance’s expansion into new markets. The success of this venture further strengthens Binance’s presence in the region.

Binance recently made headlines claiming to be hiring while other exchanges are sadly slashing. This development comes immediately after Binance’s decision to expand into Sweden and Bahrain.

This news was a catalyst for the recent surge in cryptocurrency prices.

bitcoin price

Bitcoin saw a slight increase of 0.15% in the last 24 hours and a huge increase of 22% in the last 7 days, with the price currently sitting at $21,357. Bitcoin’s trading volume also reached $25 billion during the same period.

On January 17, Bitcoin’s attempt to break above $21,400 failed and it looks like it might be heading for a downward correction.

This further materializes with the RSI and MACD exhibiting an overbought condition. The closing of the Doji candles just below this level could also indicate a bearish movement in the near future.

Bitcoin price chart – Source: Tradingview

In the daily chart, a double upper resistance could indicate a downtrend or correction. If prices rise above the $20,800 or $20,000 mark, the sell-off may occur until it reaches around $19,250.

Moreover, an increase in demand for Bitcoin could propel it past the $21,400 threshold and climb towards the $22,850 mark.

Ethereum Price

Ethereumthe second largest cryptocurrency in the world, has seen its value increase by 18% over the past week and is now trading at a high of $1,590.

The price of Ethereum has steadily increased, with its main support point at $1,500. If this level holds well, there could be a potential rise to the next resistance level of $1,660.

Ethereum price chart – Source: Tradingview

Ethereum recently reached a new level of success when its price broke through the $1,500 resistance level. This was due to the presence of three white soldiers and a bullish engulfing candle, indicating strong buying pressure from investors. The good news for Ethereum is that its price may continue to rise in the near future.

The cryptocurrency market is currently showing bullish trends, making ETH with values ​​above $1,550 a lucrative investment opportunity. On the upside, Ethereum has the potential to hit its next resistance level of $1,650.

Investing in pre-sale pieces: get a head start with these top picks

Presale altcoins offer incredible lucrative opportunities for crypto enthusiasts, however, they come with associated risks. It is essential that you weigh the pros and cons carefully before investing your hard-earned cash in a pre-sale piece.

Researching market trends and understanding potential rewards and risks can help you make informed decisions.

FightOut (FGHT)

Fight Out is a simple and inexpensive way to stay fit and healthy. With FGHT tokens, you can get personal training at a fraction of the price! It’s the perfect solution for anyone who wants to have fun while training without breaking the bank.

The FGHT presale was a huge success, raising a huge investment of $2.99 ​​million. All avatar-related activities have been documented and can be used to improve performance evaluation results.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity! With 60.06 FGHT for every $1 (in ETH or USDT) and the discount only lasting 6 days and 7 hours, it is essential to take advantage of this offer as soon as possible. The price of FGHT is expected to rise during the sale period, so act fast!

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C+Load (CCHG)

C+Fees introduces a revolutionary blockchain-powered EV payment mechanism. This platform will reward drivers of electric vehicles with carbon credits in exchange for their first charge.

This could level the playing field in the carbon credit market, which has long been dominated by a few companies. It has the potential to level out competition and allow more companies to enter the market.

The ability to earn carbon credits through C+Charge has been a major motivation in their quest to increase the use of electric vehicles and move towards a more environmentally friendly future. This added incentive encouraged them to step up their efforts.

Analysts predict that the Voluntary Credit Market (VCM) will reach $100 billion by 2030. C+Charge is already behind this expansion, having raised $308,600 in its pre-sale.

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Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

Do not miss the incredible opportunity to buy Guild of meta-masters tickets during their presale; mobile gamers should be sure to enjoy it. MEMAG, the native coin of this Ethereum-based gaming guild, can be used to incentivize staking and selling. This guild offers a unique variety of web3 and play-to-earn games with tokenized NFTs that provide an immersive gaming experience.

The launch of MEMAG is divided into seven phases, with the price for the initial phase being set at $0.007. Upon release, it is expected to skyrocket to $0.023 per MEMAG, offering early adopters a whopping 228.5% ROI.

The release of Meta Kart Racers in the second quarter of this year should lead to a growth boom for the Meta Masters Guild. If economic and market conditions improve, the platform’s native coin could register significant gains.

Don’t miss this opportunity; its phase 2 has started and MEMAG has already raised $526,059 of $1,120,000.

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