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This is an opinion piece by Vinicius Piscinia bitcoin plebs.

Despite the great growth potential of Latin American countries, such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile and even Paraguay, external influences contribute to the stagnation and deliberate economic decline of these countries. We can say that the international protagonism that such potential would provide in normal times of fair competition is eclipsed by the manipulations of the great powers, especially the United States and China.

Several actors are interested in exerting their influence in the developing world. The American financial system, characterized by the hegemony of the dollar in international reserves and the relevance of American monetary policy for other countries, ensures that the United States is on an inaccessible basis in the diplomatic arena. Bitcoin can be a scourge of this, thanks to its decentralized system and, above all, the fact that it has no controlling body (not even a known founder), making any unfair competition impossible.

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