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Bitcoin is still one of the most popular investment options. Despite the fact that the Bitcoin price fluctuates frequently, many people believe that they can still earn huge profits by investing in Bitcoin.

In this article, we will include price predictions for Bitcoin (BTC) but also offer the top five most popular altcoins right now, D2T , $TARO , TAX , $RIA as great alternatives!

bitcoin price prediction

Let’s first take a look at the Bitcoin price prediction before going deeper into the analysis:


Price (min-max)


$37,450 – $43,011


$65,000 – $72,000


$78,000 – $85,000


$90,000 – $137,071.13


$798,474.46 – $962,484.728

Bitcoin (BTC), which is the most valuable crypto token, performed very poorly in the previous period. This could be closely related to the FTX bankruptcy, which significantly affected the crypto market and Bitcoin as well. BTC is hovering around $16,000 these days due to the crypto bear market.

The unique feature that determines its price and could lead to its increase is its limited supply since only 21 million Bitcoin tokens have been produced, and around 18-19 million are currently in circulation. According to NextAdvisor, Alexis Johnson, president and director of public relations at Light Node Media (a blockchain-specific events company), said that while there is limited supply, market demand continues to grow.

Its limited supply is the reason people rush to get their hands on it and also because of the great gains that can be made by investing in it. However, the reason many people shy away from investing is its volatility. That’s exactly why we’ve included the five most popular altcoins right now, and we’ll include essential information about each one.

Trade Dash 2 (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade is a new platform that surely has the potential to become the best crypto analytics platform for investors around the world. Information on this platform can help investors identify market factors that affect prices and make it easier to decide which cryptocurrencies to invest in. There are also quote and pre-sale alerts, which are all an investor needs to get the most out of investing efforts. . This very useful platform is powered by the D2T token, which is currently available for presale. Since the price per token will increase in the next stage, invest as soon as possible before the price increases!

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RobotEra ($TARO)

RobotEra is a sandbox-like planet-building metaverse. This platform will allow players to create, share and manage, exchange, explore, explore and exchange with many NFT communities, but also become a robot and do concerts, theme parks and museums. Such a multidimensional approach and the many possibilities available will allow all interested players to make the most of the functionalities that can be found on this platform. The native $TARO token is available for presale at 0.020 USDT. This is the best time to invest since the price per token in the next stage will be $0.025 per token!

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The effects of global warming have been enormous over the past century, which is evident in rising ocean levels, declining agricultural yields and rapidly rising carbon dioxide levels. Carbon offsets are an affordable solution that reduce emissions and drive positive climate change, which is why the IMPT platform is so important. It is a blockchain-based platform that helps individuals and businesses reduce their carbon footprint in an easy and secure way. This is an opportunity to make an impact and help the environment at the same time. Users can purchase carbon credits through the platform. It is clear that investors quickly understood the importance of this project. The presale for stage 2 is underway and over $12 million has been raised, so now is the best time to invest and participate in this project!

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Calvary ($RIA)
Calvaria is a card game in which players use cards representing different characters to compete against each other. Each character has their own set of abilities. The goal of players who decide to accept this challenge is to outsmart other players in order to avoid being defeated. Players can choose to play single-player campaign or player versus player mode. NFTs are also available and can increase each player’s chances of winning. In the game, players can earn $eRIA tokens and they can buy $RIA tokens. There is currently a presale of $RIA tokens, so now is your chance to participate!

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Bitcoin will remain at the top of all lists when it comes to the most popular cryptocurrencies to invest in. However, many people are not ready to face the risk involved in investing, which is why D2T, TARO, IMPT, RIA are the cryptos that are getting a lot of attention. If you want to invest in these projects with enormous potential, hurry up to get your hands on these very attractive cryptos!

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