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These new altcoins, Dash2Trade (D2T) , RobotEra (TARO), (IMPT), and Calvary (RIA), are expected to surpass BTC in 2023. The predictions have been made by crypto experts and enthusiasts who believe that these coins have the power to usurp the hierarchy of the cryptocurrency market in the coming years.

As an investor, you should keep an eye on these coins as their potential is palpable and the records of their pre-sale are encouraging, signaling what these coins could be if there are no twists in the future, because the market can be ridiculously unpredictable. .

The outlook for the cryptocurrency market for 2022 has been disappointing and depressing. Repeated meltdowns and controversies have thrown the market into disarray and discord. Earlier in November, FTX filed for bankruptcy with over 100 investor funds locked in the cryptocurrency exchange. This pushed the market’s pessimistic project forward, and the spoils of the FTX crash affected the price of BTC and ETH, lending credence to the words of crypto skeptics that the cryptocurrency is not worth trading. ‘invest.

However, these altcoins had quite a different year this year compared to what happened to major cryptocurrency coins. They have seen a gradual rise which has caught the attention of crypto experts and enthusiasts. The pre-sale of these coins saw huge sales and predictions indicate that in 2023 they could pump more than BTC. Check out the new presale altcoins and why they will pump more than BTC in 2023:

  • Trade Dash 2 (D2T)
  • RobotEra (TARO)
  • (IMPT)
  • Calvary (RIA)

Dash2Trade (D2T)

The Ethereum-based Dash 2 Trade platform offers a variety of trading tools, including technical indicators, trading signals, robust on-chain data, and trading strategies, to help you advance your trading from cryptocurrency. The Dash 2 Trade platform demonstrates its value in the cryptocurrency industry now and in the years to come. Its use case is distinctive and engaging since its features are unique.

How can I join the Dash to Trade train to reap remarkable gains before the end of 2022 and beyond? is the ensuing investigation. The answer, however, is not absurd. By participating in the ongoing Dash 2 Trade presale event before it closes, users can benefit from premium use cases and substantial returns. Its official native token is the D2T token, and it should enjoy a massive pump in the coming years. As an investor, this is a coin that you need to add to your crypto portfolio as soon as possible.

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RobotEra (TARO)

RobotEra is an exciting cryptocurrency project. It is a sandbox-like metaverse where one player owns and rules a robot. In this virtual reconstruction setting, players can manage their land, buy resources, and launch companion robots. It allows players to freely launch and create a world they have imaginatively rooted in their minds and share that experience with other players across the metaverse. Additionally, players hail from all seven continents, representing a particular ideology that ties into RobotEarth’s origin story. The native token of the RobotEra ecosystem is TARO.

It offers a reasonable bargain for new crypto users and investors at $0.01. There has been a stunning success recorded in its pre-sale, according to what has been reported by crypto experts, and interestingly, its demand and price have increased. As an investor looking to make a profit from the cryptocurrency market, you can explore RobotEra’s initial coin offerings by purchasing excess TARO tokens. You can invest in the RobotEra ecosystem and earn constant passive income. With approximately 270 million TARO tokens divided into three pre-sale stages, users can make long-term investments in the RobotEra ecosystem to foster NFT transactions, staking, and governance protocols. TARO is that coin to watch, and it’s no surprise that it’s among the altcoins predicted for a big pump in 2023.

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IMPT is one of the new cryptocurrencies set to surpass BTC in 2023. is an extremely impressive crypto project that was created in a unique way. It offers users an incredible range of opportunities to buy carbon credits, as well as an attractive option to buy carbon credits on the market or get them when shopping. In this way, the fight against the climate crisis is won and led by individuals, corporations and corporations.

It has worked with over 10,000 of the biggest retailers to help users offset their carbon footprint just by shopping. Brands are the sole determinant of the percentage of sales margin allocated to impact projects. The sales margin is stored in the user’s account in IMPT tokens until the user has retained enough IMPT tokens to acquire a carbon credit.

Users also have the option to purchase the carbon credits on the carbon market. The platform offers users the ability to choose from hundreds of initially verified environmental projects. As an investor, you should get the IMPT as quickly as possible before it becomes scarce and increases in value enormously.

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Calvary (RIA)

Calvaria is one of the most amazing new crypto projects available. This marks the birth of a new era of exciting crypto projects intended to improve market prospects and attract more investors. It is an impressive crypto card game that incorporates NFTs for in-game assets. It has both a paid version and a free version that involves both single player and player versus player modes. He has two tokens. It has two official and two native tokens. These are RIA and eRIA.

Calvaria’s ecosystem is dominated by RIA. It is the lifeline of the activities carried out on Calvaria. Without RIA, Calvaria would be ineffective. While eRia is distributed to players as incentives, it is also used to upgrade cards. It is currently in a 10-step pre-sale, with a culmination of 300 million RIA tokens ready to be picked up by interested investors. The price of RIA will increase by $0.005 per step. It is one of the new cryptocurrencies that investors should buy considering that in the coming years it will enjoy higher profits and be more popular.

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The following altcoins – Dash 2 Trade, RobotEra, and Calvaria – are some of the best new cryptocurrencies in the cryptocurrency space, and for sure, investing in them as soon as possible is the one of the best decisions you will make as an investor.

These gems are set to see a massive increase in 2023, which could be greater than what BTC will see due to their sharpness, uniqueness, and range of offerings in the market. You should definitely pick them up.

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