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With its unique 3D graphics, Bunny Riven offers players an immersive gaming experience.

Mark your place in the Blockchain game

On January 1, 2023, Riven Bunny has officially entered the global blockchain game market with development potential, promising to bring many exciting experiences to the gaming community. The birth of Riven Bunny project is a milestone, marking the Bunny team’s continued efforts over the past year.

With Riven Bunny, players can enjoy excellent gameplay with unique 3D graphics and get used to trading. By integrating blockchain and NFT technology into the game, players can benefit from networking, be rewarded for their time and effort, or earn rewards for their $BRV assets. Additionally, players can also purchase rare in-game items, NFTs to boost their characters, unlock special game features, or spend time crafting and selling them for profit.

The Riven Bunny includes trading, metaverse, NFT, GameFi… Although Riven Bunny will focus on the player experience, the NFT elements of the game are essential. It reflects the time and money spent by the player to Riven Bunny.

The representative of Riven Bunny claimed that Riven Bunny is always looking for opportunities to leverage emerging technologies to improve the user experience. In a primitive, new, and rapidly growing market like today’s, they still have a lot to explore, and there’s a long way to go, too. Lack of foundation and patience will have bad consequences, even destroying the reputation of the business that people have worked hard to build over time. In addition, they also aim to develop Riven Bunny in an open space not only for entertainment but also for education, where users can choose to be players, traders or investors.

What is Bunny Riven?

Riven Bunny is a single platform that provides an ecosystem that satisfies both the entertainment and income requirements of gamers. Bunny Riven works with well-structured smart contracts and inflation-resistant devices to create a healthy token economy.

Currently, Riven Bunny develops and updates the beta game to support users on all devices running Android and iOS.

How to Buy Bunny Riven’s NFT and Presale

  • Connect the MetaMask wallet to BNB Chain (BEP-20) to access Bunny Riven.
  • Prepare BNB (BEP-20) or USDT (BEP-20). Make sure that the amount of BNB, USDT is enough to pay the fees for buying eggs, mint NFT and presale.
  • You continue to buy eggs and start casting NFT. With this NFT, you can hold, transfer or trade NFTs on the Bunny Riven Marketplace.
  • After completing the NFT strike, you will receive a lucky ticket to attend the Bunny Riven presale event. You can use this ticket to play mini-games with a 100% gift rate.

In particular, Bunny Riven applies a program to introduce new players with attractive commissions. For each successful referral through the referral link (link ref), you will get 5% (USDT).

Head to Riven Bunny and experience the future of blockchain gaming with Bunny.

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