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Every major crypto project may have spent millions on developments and upgrades to grow their business or gain efficiency. But, Cardano (ADA) appears as a flagship project of “Technology Development”.

According to data viewed by Contora, a blockchain intelligence gathering company that tracks the development and growth of crypto projects, Cardano blockchain has seen heavy development activity and sits at the top with over 350 engagements over the course of 2019. of the previous month. Notably, crypto projects like Ethereum and Solana managed to stay on top with over 270 commits.

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Research firm Blockchain revealed in a blog post that the team made the decision after changing its data-tracking algorithm and rechecking all contributors’ GitHub repositories. GitHub is an internet hosting service for software development that connects developers around the world to create a project.

The author added;

We rechecked the GitHub repositories we follow for all crypto projects in our database, made several fixes to update our developer data, streamlined all repositories, and… We have a new image of crypto projects which lead the market in terms of technology development!

Notably, Solana emerged at the top of the April data, but has now dropped to ninth after adjustments.

The price of ADA is currently trading at $0.48. | Source: ADAUSD price chart from

Cardano Prepares for Mainnet Vasil Upgrade

Contora revealed that its decision to change the data tracking algorithms came after Cardano’s developer team contacted the company about their Best Crypto Project by Technology to research. The author mentioned that Contora tracks GitHub repositories only from the Cardano Foundation profile on GitHub. A crypto project developer suggested another profile to follow, which turned the whole situation around.

Since dropping the smart contract upgrade, Cardano has become the most active project regarding developments in 2022. Currently, it is working on several solutions and updates.

Recently, the project upgraded its stake pool operators. This update on the Cardano 1.35 node prepares the newest node version for the most anticipated launch of the mainnet Vasil hardfork. The construction of the new node network will have a smooth and stable impact on the Vasil version updates.

Although the crypto project is rolling out a number of developments at the time to prepare for the Vasil hardfork, it still offers small solutions such as the UTxO blockchain explorer. This solution won praise from Charles Honksin, the founder of the Cardano crypto project and Wingriders.

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Contrary to the massive developments in the Cardano network, its price has faced steep declines over the past 300 days, according to TradingView. chart. It’s lost over 84% in value since September, and the ever-increasing adoption and upgrades haven’t pushed the price up much. Currently, the ADA price of Cardano is fluctuating around $0.48.

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