Cronos Announces Collaboration with XDEFI Wallet for More Accessibility

Cronos, a well-known blockchain platform that permits swift porting of smart contracts and apps from Ethereum as well as the EVM-compatible chains, has made a new collaboration. The company has stated that it has recently partnered with XDEFI (a non-custodial wallet offering secure swaps).

Cronos Takes XDEFI Wallet as Its Collaborator to Increase Accessibility to Assets on It

On the official Twitter channel linked to the platform, Cronos noted that its latest partnership will be beneficial for it in several aspects. The firm mentioned that the new collaboration has resulted in the integration of Cronos into the XDEFI wallet. As a consequence of the respective collaboration, the consumers belonging to Cronos will be capable of accessing the entirety of their assets on the blockchain platform straightly on the wallet interface of XDEFI.

In this respect, XDEFI also commented. The crypto wallet company mentioned that the latest integration takes into account Cosmos and EVM chains. The platform added that it has broader liquidity. Apart from that, it also pointed out that the firm has a resilient ecosystem taking into account the well-known decentralized applications.

The respective dApps take into account, @TectonicFi, @MintedNetwork, @FulcromFinance, and @VVS_Finance. Moreover, it disclosed that the platform’s consumers can now access the entirety of the assets on Cronos. The ongoing collaboration comes a few days after the partnership between Cronos as well as the cloud computing firm Amazon Web Services.

Cronos Joins Forces with Amazon Web Services for Scaling Web3 Ventures

The respective collaboration was focused on enhancing the growth of Web3 ventures with the help of the Cronos Accelerator Program. As included in the partnership, AWS would offer assistance in the case of the applications dealing with the SocialFi, GameFi, infrastructure, and decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. The AWS Activate project would additionally help the latest entrepreneurs within the Web3 space to develop exclusive projects within this sector.

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