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The Dash 2 Trade presale has now raised $6.5 million, with the FTX bankruptcy crisis increasingly pushing investors towards an Ethereum-based trade intelligence platform. While the FTX collapse understandably spooked the market, it also highlighted the pressing need for reliable market data and analysis, which Dash 2 Trade is poised to deliver.

Dash 2 Trade’s current total puts it just over $2 million away from its target of $8,757,000, in which case it will move from stage three to stage four of its selloff. This will raise its selling price from $0.0513 to $0.0533, which will make the coin almost 4% more expensive for potential early investors.

Crypto Experts Flee to This Platform Following FTX Implosion

The FTX bankruptcy crisis has even worsened in recent days, with other companies and platforms at risk of collapsing. In effect, BlockFi is preparing for bankruptcywhile companies such as Gemini and Genesis have halted withdrawals of some of their products, raising fears of further liquidity crises in the ecosystem.

As such, the threat of further major losses in the market is very real. This leaves investors and traders in the position of having to monitor the latest news and movements very closely, and this is precisely something that Dash 2 Trade will allow them to do.

As stated in his white paper, Dash 2 Trade will provide a wide range of real-time market analysis and social trading data, which will help all investors develop their own strategies and make informed decisions. Its features include the following:

  • Trading signals for buy and sell opportunities
  • Social sentiment metrics and on-chain analysis for identifying trending coins
  • Strategy building and social trading tools for investors to create new trading strategies
  • Access to cryptocurrency presales and also alerts to new exchange listings
  • Feed of the latest cryptocurrencies, financial and economic news

Although Dash 2 Trade offers a limited free version, investors will need to subscribe to one of two tiers in order to access most or all of its features.

The first subscription is the Starter Tier, which at 400 D2T per month, offers various social channels, automated trading tools, and strategy building utilities. Then there’s the Premium tier, which for 1000 D2T per month also comes with on-chain data, whale portfolio alerts, and professional-grade market indicators.

Although Dash 2 Trade looks good in theory, its team will also ensure that it is good in practice. It’s because he has the same team behind Learn2Tradethe popular forex signals provider which has a community of around 70,000 active traders.

Chances are that Dash 2 Trade can rely on this community, or rather, with his Twitter account already has more than 43,000 followersalthough it launched as recently as September.

After the presale

Interested investors can participate in the D2T token sale by visiting the Dash 2 Trade website and connect their MetaMask or Wallet Connect wallets. From there, they can use Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT) to buy D2T.

Dash 2 Trade is expected to launch in the first quarter of next year, when D2T will also first go public. It has already confirmed listings from BitMart and LBANK Exchange, so it is well on its way to having a good number of platforms supporting it.

Given that it has attracted so many early stage investments in such a short time, D2T has every chance of posting big gains once it goes public next year. Some Pre-sale pieces did extraordinarily well in 2022, and with the arrival of Dash 2 Trade at a time when investors are demanding more reliable and accessible analysis, it has every chance of joining the list of new successful platforms.

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