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Over the past few years, the adoption and acceptance of cryptocurrency has increased dramatically. As a result, many developers and other participants have joined the digital asset bandwagon to drive the expansion of the industry. Then came the flutter of several decentralized protocols, NFT projects, apps, exchanges, and other products that set the space apart.

As the crypto space makes more and more progress with impressive innovative technologies, more and more people are crowding into the space. While high asset volatility can be a disadvantage for many participants, not everyone backs down because of it.

The growth and pull of the crypto space is getting more intense despite its bearish market. The extreme crypto winter of 2022 dealt a devastating blow to many companies, some of which had to downsize their employees. But such incidents do not deter financial executives from embarking on a career in crypto.

A recent report reports that 21Shares, a European provider of crypto exchange-traded funds, is hiring new employees. The firm announced on Wednesday that its three main recruitments are intended to support its vision of expansion in different countries. It plans to establish offices in Germany, the United Arab Emirates and France.

21Shares has hired Marina Baudéan as its new France, Belgium and Luxembourg manager. Baudéan had worked at Barclays, a British universal bank, for more than 15 years. His new position at 21shares marks his debut in the crypto career.

While expressing his confidence in digital assets, Baudéan argued that cryptocurrency gives a representation of technology for the next generation. Furthermore, she mentioned that crypto assets will always survive despite market volatility and other factors.

Baudéan reflected on the many technological advances and transformations she witnessed during her career. Therefore, she said that cryptocurrency at this point has no connection to the early days digital commerce model.

Crypto jobs remain attractive in a bear market
The Cryptocurrency Market Follows a Bearish Trend | Source: Total Crypto Market Cap on

In addition, Oliver Schäfer is now the new head of Germany for 21Shares. Schäfer has a solid background in traditional finance, having acquired a long experience of working in several financial companies.

Additionally, Schäfer had worked at JPMorgan, an American investment bank, for more than 15 years. His last position at the bank was as a former executive director.

Newly Hired Executive Highlights Long-Term Crypto Opportunity

Reacting to his new position at 21Shares, Schäfer said crypto is more attractive with growing growth in the space.

Thus, he expressed his excitement to join the crypto career while mentioning that he is more focused on long-term opportunities. Schäfer revealed that 2020 marked his first cryptocurrency investment. However, its interest is growing due to increasing technology and developments in the industry.

Additionally, the former head of asset management at Al Mai Asset Management, Sheriff El-Haddad, is now with 12Shares. El-Haddad is currently working as the Middle East Manager for 21Shares.

The new hire by 21Shares indicates that crypto jobs are still attractive despite its recent downtrend. Similar recruiting moves were made by crypto firms Binance and FTX during the market downtrend.

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