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Valeria Blokhina

Take a closer look at the world of crypto with U.Today’s daily news digest!

U.Today presents the four main news stories of the past day.

Mysterious Shiba post from the leading SHIB dev puzzle community

Mysterious Shiba Inu-related tweets from the community and project team keep popping up here and there. This time it was SHIB lead dev Shytoshi Kusama to confuse supporters of the meme piece: yesterday he shared a cryptic “WOOF” with his followers. Even though Kusama didn’t reveal the real message behind this tweet, it seems that his intention was to encourage the SHIB community at the time of a major price drop. The post quickly gained traction, gaining over 4,000 likes and 800 comments. Some followers used the post as an opportunity to share SHIB memes, while others used it as a chance to ask if the tweet somehow hinted at Shibarium’s upcoming release.

XRP is gearing up for major price action, here’s what to expect

In the past two weeks, XRP demonstrated an impressive recovery from the collapse of FTX, which went unnoticed by many. In the meantime, the price of the token managed not only to rise by 7.5%, but also to break out of the $0.38 zone. Holding the price at this level would pave the way for $0.46 to $0.5 per XRP, meaning a 20% upside and a return to pre-FTX crash levels. Another positive sign to note is that the rally in XRP prices accounted for more than a third of this decline, or 48%. When assessing the price movement of the token, one should not overlook the fundamental triggers that affected it, such as recent developments in the Ripple-SEC affair, which helped XRP peak 10% last Tuesday.

Shiba Inu Announces ‘Exclusive’ Deal With Travala

According to a recent announcement from shiba inus team, holders of this meme token can benefit from the “exclusive special” of the Travala blockchain-based booking platform project. The service offers a free $25 travel credit to use when booking hotels, flights and activities as long as it’s paid for with SHIB. Back in December 2021, U.Today reported that Travala added support for the popular meme coin after its community managed to win its “battle” against rival dog currency Floki Inu. However, last May the platform added support for another Shiba Inu rival, Dogecoin. Despite greater adoption, SHIB is down 89.48% from its all-time high reached last October. It is currently trading at $0.000009141.

Millions of SHIB will be offered when listing on Japan’s leading crypto exchange

As stated on the website of Japan’s leading crypto exchange, BIT Pointit will soon add support for Shiba Inu Token, which will begin trading on November 30. That’s not the only good news, as BITPoint will launch a themed giveaway campaign: Millions of SHIBs will be given away to old and new customers. Thus, 1 million SHIB will be distributed to each new registered customer by the end of December, and 100 million SHIB will be distributed for purchases over 10,000 yen during the same period. On top of that, an additional 230 million SHIBs will be distributed via Twitter and a BITPoint quiz; further information can be found in the stock exchange’s press release.

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