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The CV CV Top 50 Report 2022 was presented in Davos today and shows that Crypto Valley, which includes Switzerland and Liechtenstein, is the most mature blockchain hub. It has continued to grow steadily in 2022 due to exemplary regulatory jurisdiction and a determined decentralized mindset exhibited by the 1,135 entities that have grown from there. The CV VC Top 50 2022 report is testament to the fact that blockchain is evolving into a multi-billion dollar industry in Crypto Valley. Although based in Switzerland, the top 50 have an international footprint.

  • The valuation of the top 50 entities is $185 billion. This breaks down into $175.6 billion for blockchain platforms by market capitalization and $9.7 billion for companies by stock valuation.
  • Despite continued market volatility, blockchain trading companies in Crypto Valley defied typical industry trends, with an impressive 55% growth in market valuations. The market capitalization of the top 50 platforms has decreased significantly by 71%.
  • There are nine unicorns in Crypto Valley, of which seven are blockchain platforms and two are trading companies. This is the first time that blockchain trading companies have joined the unicorn herd, which speaks to the maturity of Crypto Valley.
  • The top 50 is made up of 26 platforms and 24 trading companies, indicating the symbiotic nature of Crypto Valley’s blockchain ecosystem.
  • Seven Crypto Valley blockchain platforms are unicorns. They build infrastructures that guarantee privacy, freedom, financial inclusion, transparency and efficiency. They will enable billions of people to create, transact and own digital value.
  • Two Crypto Valley trading companies are unicorns:, the world’s largest ETP issuer, and Gnosis Safe, a digital asset manager on Ethereum.
  • The number of businesses in Crypto Valley is stable at 1,135. There were 190 new businesses registered and 183 ceased, which is a balanced achievement given the global market turmoil.
  • Employment fell just 4% in Crypto Valley as tech employment contracts globally.
  • The top 50 entities for 2022 increased their funding by 2.7%, reaching $3.2 billion.

While some might worry that regulation will stifle innovation, Swiss standards are a definite advantage.

Crypto Valley is at the forefront of advancements for the components that form the core infrastructure behind Web3, from decentralized identity solutions to zero-knowledge systems designed to maximize scalability and staking services. New top 50 entries reflect this progress in Crypto Valley, such as:

  • – the premier provider of self-sovereign identity (SSI) solutions to encourage consumer activity.
  • Bridge Tower – a company that connects the value of blockchain staking and DeFi products to institutional investors.

Crypto Valley is synonymous with assurance and precision, allowing pioneers to operate with certainty.

  • Multi-signature wallet protocol Gnosis Safe raised $100 million in 2022. Its unicorn status is focused on a much more secure web3 ecosystem accessible to a wider range of users. It implements safety nets such as Account Recovery and Hybrid Guard to make Web3 more accessible to many other user groups.

The CV VC Top 50 report dives into pioneers focused on the fundamental point of blockchain – decentralization – and shows the opportunity for DeFi and DAOs. Geographically, Zug remains the heart of the Crypto Valley, followed by Zurich and other clusters in Liechtenstein, Geneva, Ticino, Vaud and Neuchâtel.

CV VC CEO and Founder Mathias Ruch, commenting on the release of the eighth edition of the Top 50 Report, said:

“The CV VC Top 50 report is a beacon of hope, reflecting the brilliant minds who are deeply engaged in blockchain infrastructure and utilities, working from the epicenter known as Crypto Valley. The Top 50 report shows those who are leading the change by focusing on the basic utility blockchain will provide to all global institutions, businesses, finance, governments and society. The main utility is trust.

Now in its eighth edition, the event is created by CV VC AG., focusing on market fundamentals and changing valuations in the Crypto Valley, which includes Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The report is produced in collaboration with Bank Frick.

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