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CZ answered multiple rounds of personal questions, shared his thoughts on the sobering events of 2022, answered questions from the crowd, and more!

Binance CEO speaks for Davos Crowd

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) spoke virtually for the Blockchain Hub at Davos 2023 with Medha Parlikar from Casper Labs.

CZ joined Parlikar for half an hour on January 18 for a fireside chat titled “Blockchain’s Tipping Point is Here.” The conversation touched on several topics such as the current state of crypto and how to build, and Parlikar asked some personal questions to learn more about CZ the man. The audience also had time to ask CZ a few questions and rack his brains a bit.

Parlikar started with a joke about CZ’s hair, but quickly moved back to more serious matters. Against the backdrop of the bear market and the sobering realities of the industry’s various titanic meltdowns in 2022, CZ reminded the public to get back to basics, put FUD aside, and get back to basics to be safe and reliable.

“There are three parts to building trust,” CZ explained to the crowd. “We are in an industry where we can use technology without trust. We can [also] be more transparent, proof of reservations, Merkle trees […], and the third is to build trust over time. If we can consistently demonstrate that we are reliable […] we can earn the trust of our users over time.

Parlikar asked CZ to open up personally about several topics. For example, CZ doesn’t listen to too much music. He admitted seeing Akon in concert, being a fan of The Weekend, as well as the Korean group Black Pink. He says he loves all crypto loving musicians.

When asked about his favorite food, CZ said he loves all foods. He loves food from cultures around the world and specifically noted his love for carbohydrates. CZ also admitted that he loves his mom’s cooking, even though she might not be that great.

For hobbies, CZ enjoys snowboarding – adding that he went to Switzerland to snowboard twice in December – and spending time with friends where he can go out for a drink and socialize.

One of CZ’s other passions is traveling and learning about other cultures. He said that his job does not allow him to visit tourist places despite his constant travels around the world. It goes from a hotel to an event, from a hotel to an airplane. He wants to go relax on the beach somewhere like Bora Bora and see ancient sites in Peru and Mexico.

Take a look at the full talk below, CZ’s session starts around 4:40.

What is Binance:

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