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PRESS RELEASE. EU-funded startup web3 data lake launched the world’s first medical data donation system, based on Distributed Ledger technology and featuring a new incentive mechanism that rewards people for their medical data altruism called “Consent-to-Earn” ( C2E).

They recently launched its pilot program to collect patient consents in several Polish hospitals. Partnership with the Poles Donate your data foundationthe startup has already collected hundreds of consents, and their oldest data giver (or “Data Hero” as they’re called) is over 90, proving the potential for wide-scale adoption across all demographics .

Data Lake’s founders – all medical doctors – are convinced that medical science is on the cusp of a revolution that could be one of the biggest leaps forward since the discovery of penicillin or vaccines. The tools of this revolution – including artificial intelligence, medical algorithms and robotics for surgery – are already beginning to play a daily role in healthcare. Without representative and quality data, it is difficult for researchers and the general public to have absolute confidence in these new technologies that are so dependent on data. A bias in the data means a bias in the final product.

Data Lake has found the solution to this problem. The company has built a medical data access layer for research and development. Just like donating blood, people can anonymously donate their medical records to science. Their system is built on the core principles of data privacy and user consent, and they use public blockchain to ensure transparency surrounding donor consents, while ensuring that personal data always remains private and secure. Their system’s unique value proposition to the general public is their C2E model. If successful, it could allow people to self-monetize their medical data in a market worth more than €100 billion a year in Europe alone.

Data Lake CEO Wojciech Sierocki MD says:

“The Data Lake system has the potential to revolutionize medical research – with the right data, I’m confident we can fight almost any disease. But with lives at stake and the potential to dramatically improve the quality of life of millions of people, we realized we needed to go beyond altruism alone to ensure global participation, which is why we combined the lofty idea of ​​data altruism with a new Consent-to-Earn model to encourage We are convinced that what we build will help to ethically and sustainably unlock access to this data, and will fuel a new wave of medical and scientific progress!

From donors themselves to hospitals and consent collectors, everyone is sharing in the benefits of a new data economy opening up for the very first time. If they succeed in their mission to launch a global medical data donation system, the implications for medical science will be felt around the world. Data Lake plans to expand its system to the rest of Europe and then globally in the months and years to come, and is already in various stages of negotiations with data providers and data receivers around the world.

About Data Lake:

Data Lake is building a global medical data donation system based on blockchain technology and powered by the $LAKE token. They allow people to consent to the use of their medical data in a safe, simple and private way, while providing large datasets that are revolutionizing scientific research and medical studies. Their Consent-to-Earn model rewards those who contribute their medical data to science.

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