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One of the important discussions surrounding the launch of Ethereum Merge is the proof-of-work hard fork. The date set for the merger is just days away, and expectations are growing high for the Ethereum community. The network will finally move to a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism after the upgrade.

The merger will join the ETH mainnet and the Beacon chain to become a single network. The Beacon Chain already functions as a PoS network. It is the engine power of the Ethereum 2.0 network developed with the staking smart contract. Therefore, transaction validations on Beacon Chain were done by staking.

But the Ethereum mainnet still operates as a PoW network. With the launch of Merge in September 2022, the network will complete its upgrade and become a PoS blockchain. This will prevent miners from operating as validators on networks.

Miners ready for PoW Fork after Ethereum merger

A group of Ethereum miners requested an ETH PoW fork after the merger. With many discussions and plans in place, the community may witness a hard fork once the transition to PoS is complete.

From a Twitter thread on EthereumPoW’s account, the hard for will begin after 24 hours of the merger. The message gave no specific time for the fork. But he said he would disclose it when there is only one hour left before the merger.

According to Publisha countdown will indicate the final steps, such as binaries, node info, explorer, configuration files, RPC, etc.

Possible support for forked tokens

As plans for forked Ethereum tokens progress, there have been varying reactions. The value of the forked token is usually lower than that of normal ether. Thus, the possibility of obtaining an economic deal from the forked tokens depends on the support of the crypto industry. Therefore, some nodes must continue to operate on the old PoW after the merger.

Many crypto exchanges refused to offer support for forked tokens after the merger. However, some platforms, such as Chainlink and OpenSea, have indicated that their support is entirely for Ethereum PoS.

Some crypto exchanges have already pledged their support for forked tokens. Some of them are BitMEX, Poloneix and others. It plans to credit users with minority fork tokens for the world’s first exchange. But it will use a 1:1 ratio and keep the ETH ticker for the new PoS chain.

Ethereum Proof of Work Fork Dates Revealed, When Will It Happen?
Ethereum will likely touch $1,600 on the chart l Source: ETHUSDT on

BitMEX reportedly agreed that it could provide leverage for bifurcated ETH once the merger is complete.

For its part, Poloniex said it would be the first to offer support for EthereumPoW forked tokens. Additionally, the exchange promised to list ETHS and ETHW, the possible forked tokens.

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