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C+Charge is an upcoming electric vehicle charging payment app that aims to streamline the charging process and offer rewards to users. The app will connect electric vehicle owners to charging networks, enabling easy payment transactions and earning sustainable carbon credits and cryptocurrency rewards in the process.

Using decentralized Blockchain technology, C+Charge’s P2P payment system makes electric vehicle charging more efficient, cost-effective and transparent.

The platform’s rewards system is one of its defining features. By using C+Charge’s utility token, CCHG, to pay for charges, EV drivers can earn carbon credits that can be used for various purposes such as offsetting carbon footprint or even compensate for displacements.

In addition, C+Charge’s partnership with Flowcarbon also allows to earn symbolic carbon credits via Flowcarbon’s Goodness Nature Token ($GNT).

C+Charge’s goal is not only to win awards, but also to standardize the electric vehicle charging industry and increase transparency in the market.

The platform aims to reduce transaction latency and improve transactional throughput, creating more efficient charging stations and a better user experience for all stakeholders. With a launch on the horizon, C+Charge offers a way to make the electric vehicle charging experience effortless and rewarding.

Why EV charging payment apps are crucial for EVs

As electric vehicles become more prevalent on the roads, the need for accessible and convenient charging stations is key to their growing popularity. Although the number of electric vehicle charging stations is increasing, it is still not as simple as finding a gas station. This is where electric vehicle charging and payment apps come in.

These apps allow drivers to easily locate charging stations and plan their journeys, eliminating the fear of running out of power on the road. Many of these apps offer a variety of useful features, such as the ability to set reminders to charge your car, start or stop charging remotely, and schedule charging during off-peak hours to take advantage of gas prices. lower energy.

Some of these apps, like C+Charge, also provide real-time information on charging station availability and prices, making it easier for drivers to plan their trips and avoid unexpected costs.

Additionally, some apps also provide information about the different types of connectors available at each charging station, and even offer membership options for frequent users. Some car manufacturers also offer free fast charging at certain stations for their electric vehicle owners.

With an EV charge and pay app, drivers can have peace of mind knowing they have the tools they need to keep their vehicle charged and on the road.

C+Charge offers a better electric vehicle charging and payment app experience

As the EV industry grows, C+Charge seeks to capitalize on the growth by providing a painless charging experience with a feature-rich EV charging payment app.

The levers of C+Charge blockchain technology to create an easy-to-use peer-to-peer payment system that eliminates the need for traditional payment systems and their expensive fees. Plus, users can see how much they’re spending in real time with C+Charge’s transparent system.

An important feature of C+Charge is its focus on sustainability. Owners of electric vehicles can reap the rewards of carbon credits and sustainable cryptocurrency through this platform. Additionally, C+Charge has a beneficial alliance with Flowcarbon which grants Goodness Nature Tokens ($GNT) in exchange for their emissions reduction efforts.

By making carbon credits available to EV drivers, people now have an added incentive to drive electric vehicles and reduce their own emissions. This helps spread awareness of the environmental benefits of electric vehicles while encouraging more people to ditch gasoline-powered cars.

Thanks to the C+Charge platform, owners and businesses can now easily monitor the electricity consumption of each electric vehicle. This will not only help drivers to be charged appropriately for their own energy consumption, but will also encourage more companies to install charging stations on site.

C+Charge stands out by offering an innovative customer experience with its simplified and clear pricing and payment system. This is one of the first use cases of Web3 technology that can be applied in real-world scenarios, such as enabling payments on charging station networks, transmitting real-time data to EVSPs for easy detection of shippers and the offer of a complete solution for indexing carbon credits. earned by drivers using the C+Charge network.

Team Team behind the EV Charging app and payment system

C+Charge is formed by a team of competent experts specialized in entrepreneurship, financing and sustainable projects. Ryan Fishoff, CEO of American Wealth Mining Corporation and co-founder of C+Charge, leads the group with his extensive financial and private equity experience. He has been involved in deals worth over half a billion dollars in 13 countries.

Tanya Gullick, Business Development Manager for the UK and Europe, has established a solid track record of working with startups and sustainable initiatives, while Ryan Tomas is an exceptional co-founder and business coordinator who loves the roles of management and has a remarkable record in business growth. ‘ positions in the market.

With more than two decades of experience in promotions, branding, marketing and public relations, Mark G. Gomez is the chief development officer and co-founder.

Finally, Barami YodKhampa – often called Mr B – is a marketing consultant. He is the founder of DTC Marketing Agency Group; a renowned company well known for its comprehensive one-stop service solutions across Asia.

C+Charge Sustainable Crypto and its presale

C+Fees cryptocurrency tokens (CCHG) are the backbone of the C+Charge platform. Token holders will receive 1% “reflection” carbon credits collected from transaction taxes. Additionally, drivers who have the C+Charge app will also be able to earn additional carbon credits by charging their car using the C+Charge wallet and app.

The C+Charge presale is currently underway and offers investors the opportunity to purchase CCHG tokens at a discounted rate of 0.013 USDT per token. The price will then rise for three more steps until it reaches its all-time high of $0.02350 at the end of the presale.

Investing in C+Charge tokens in the pre-sale phase is an opportunity to be part of an innovative and impactful platform that aims to revolutionize the Electric vehicle charging industry. With its innovative solutions, experienced team and commitment to promoting a greener future, C+Charge is a solid investment opportunity for those who want to have a positive impact on the world.

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