Floki Join Forces with ITTF World Table Tennis to Reach Over 500M People

Floki has established a strategic partnership with ITTF World Table Tennis (WTT), solidifying its position as the official sponsor of the highly anticipated ITTF World Table Tennis Championships Finals. This exciting partnership will introduce the Floki brand to a vast global audience of over 500 million individuals, spanning various regions worldwide.

This groundbreaking partnership with WTT marks the organization’s first foray into the realm of cryptocurrency-related partnerships. Through this alliance, Floki will gain unparalleled access to an extensive worldwide platform, enabling them to connect with countless table tennis enthusiasts, numbering in the hundreds of millions.

Floki Enters Global Spotlight

Through various impactful channels, this collaboration will bring the Floki brand to a massive and elusive TV and digital audience. The exposure will be facilitated by prominent mediums such as match table LED displays, table side A-boards, strategic brand mark placement on the WTT website, widespread coverage through global press releases, and engaging social media posts across the expansive Global WTT social channels.

This extensive visibility for Floki will be particularly prominent during the highly anticipated 2023 ITTF World Table Tennis Championships Final, scheduled to be held from 20th to 28th May at the ICC Convention Center in Durban, South Africa.

In addition to the extensive global reach of the 2023 Championships Final, this partnership holds great potential for Floki and its flagship Metaverse game, Valhalla, to gain significant visibility in China and Hong Kong. These regions are anticipated to play a pivotal role in cryptocurrency adoption this year, making them crucial markets for the exposure and expansion of Floki.

In 1952, table tennis was officially recognized as the National Sport of China. Since then, it has soared to become the top-ranked and most-watched sport in the country. With an astounding 337 million dedicated followers, China boasts a massive fanbase for this sport.

The ITTF World Table Tennis Championships Finals holds the distinction of being the largest table tennis event globally, drawing in a youthful and digitally savvy fanbase. With a staggering 75% of the audience falling within the 16-49 age range, this demographic is characterized by their high level of education and well-informed nature. Such attributes make them an ideal target audience for cryptocurrency-related initiatives and brands like Floki.

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