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Sell ​​when the Super Bowl commercials come, buy when the sex tapes come‘ was a trading tip from crypto trader Cheds in the wake of the FTX scandal.

Cheds (@BigCheds) which has 291,000 subscribers, isn’t the only crypto influencer predicting that the FTX sex tape could be a low signal – alongside the broader meltdown and scandal surrounding Sam Bankman-Fried, Caroline Ellison, Sam Trabucco and others at Alameda who saw market sentiment hit bottom.

FTX Sex Tape and Crypto Price Predictions

NFT Investor @jpeggler also tweeted a similar prediction to his 54,000 followers that the SBF sex tape should mark the bottom for crypto prices.

DonAlt, one of the most followed crypto Twitter accounts and host of the TechnicalRoundup show on YouTube, is now buying Bitcoin for long-term holding.

@CryptoDonAlt tweeted the Bitcoin price chart and long put up below to his 441,000 followers (zero stoploss).

CrediBULL Crypto (@CredibleCrypto), which has 337,000 followers, then tweeted DonAlt’s Bitcoin price prediction in agreement. He himself posted similar price targets of $100,000, and more.

Our resident CryptoNews analyst Jacob Bury is ‘start accumulating good alternative products at bargain prices and invest in new pre-sales‘.

Bitcoin is currently trading at just under $17,000, holding the low from November 9 – $15,588 on Binance against USDT.

Although he didn’t mention the FTX sex tape, Edward Snowden also commented the 14 that ‘for the first time in a while i’m starting to feel the itch to go back to bitcoin‘.

Elon Musk tweeted the same day as ‘BTC will pull through, but the winter could be harsh.’

FTX Sex Tape Release Date

If real, the FTX sex tape should be out at midnight today, Friday the 18th.

16 @WhaleChart posted the above message, allegedly from a former FTX employee.

It reads:

SBF and Caroline (Alameda) must be held accountable. 11/18/2022 their sex tape will be posted on this uncensored webpage.

As an FTX insider who wishes to remain anonymous, it is fair to reveal the truth. Videos of the polycule will bring transparency and humility to this space. They won’t erase this website, they can’t. NYT puff coin must be balanced. Thank you for raising awareness of this upcoming leak.

The now bankrupt FTX exchange would have been fueled by drugs, sex and fraud from its headquarters in the Bahamas.

Update – the owner of the website where the FTX sex tape will be posted, now says ‘more eyes‘ are needed before the video is released, and that further updates will be removed ‘tomorrow‘.

Visit this site at your own risk – if the tape is real, it may be safer to stay tuned to sites like know your meme that reflect this developing story.

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