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GALA is a non-refundable utility token and medium of exchange for those who are part of the Gala Games ecosystem. In recent months, the price of GALA has remained in the same area where other coins like Dash 2 Exchange, Calvary, TAXand tamadoge are tilted at x50.

With the presentation of GALA, participants who interact within the Gala Games ecosystem will have a suitable and secure method of payment and settlement, for example when purchasing virtual goods or in-game items.

According to a technical analysis by cryptocurrency experts on Gala prices, GALA is expected to trade in 2024 at a minimum price of $0.0839916 and a maximum price of $0.09999. The expected typical trading fee is $0.0859914. There are currently 6,977,205,436 GALAs in circulation.

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Although it is a top coin, some coins that have just been released in the crypto have the potential to be multiplied by 50 times before 2025. Below is the list of tokens that can achieve this feat.

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