Gameta Joins Forces with MetaRace to Combine the Real-World and Blockchain Experience for Horse Racing

Gameta, a multi-layered ecosystem for gaming, has announced a partnership with MetaRace (a play-to-earn game). The collaboration is being carried out to take benefit of the play-to-earn gaming experience provided by MetaRace that combines horse racing in the real world as well as the potential of blockchain technology.

Gameta and MetaRace Collaborate to Align the Horse Racing and Blockchain Technology

With this collaboration, Gameta and MetaRace will mutually operate to further enhance the services and products of the platform within the ecosystem of the Web3 sector. The NFT gaming forum of Gameta comprises several layers. At present, the project has more than six million consumers.

It is currently ranked among the most prominent decentralized applications operating the platform of BNB Chain. In developing Gameta’s services, it offers consistent and long-term satisfaction via the merger of NFTs, casual gaming, as well as the long-term rewards system within the Web3 space. MetaRace is considered to be a play-to-earn game focused on combining horse racing and blockchain technology’s capabilities to offer a remarkable gaming experience.

The Partnership Attempts to Offer a Great User Experience by Combining Latest Technologies

The players playing the game are permitted to purchase, breed, as well as race the horses that are in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Their NFT horses compete to obtain rewards in diverse tournament setups. The respective game is developed on the blockchain entitled Caduceus Metaverse Protocol. MetaRace attempts to bring together the unequalled combination of real-world sporting distinction, a comprehensive experience, and exclusive technology.

The technology utilized by MetaRace is completely equipped with manifold and exceptional features dealing with the play-to-earn format. Games provided by Gameta have different levels. The players receive rewards for accomplishing each level. The skill levels of the players and the NFT levels both impact the rewards earned by them.

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