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Animation Studio GONZO is holding a story writing contest for its blockchain “SAMURAI cryptos” and NFT project. The winning submissions will be used as story concepts for the eventual NFT anime, and the writers will be credited under the role of “Proposal Assistance”.

GONZO is running the contest in conjunction with smartphone novel submission platform Teller Novel. The submission conditions are simple: just take inspiration from one of the six quick illustrations associated with the project.

Contributing illustrators are Michinori Chiba (Basil, sk8 infinity), Hiroya Iijima (Afro Samurai, Mazinger Z: Infinite), Junichi Takaoka (Calamity of a Zombie Girl, majestic prince), Ugetsu Hakua (The Tower of Druaga: the Aegis of Uruk, burst angel), Ai Yokoyama (Space Battleship Tiramisu, x-men), and Murata range (Last exile, Solty-Rei, BEM).

Submissions opened on Tuesday and will be open until October 18. The results will be announced at the end of November.

The “SAMURAI cryptos” project released its first NFT last fall. gonzo president Shinichiro Ichikawa stated that the project will create “a new era of animation for the NFT era with Japanese samurai” and will focus on the keywords “Cypher”, “Decentral”, and “Solidarity”. The project will feature drawings by Makoto Kobayashi (Last exile, Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ), Michinori Chiba (Basil, sk8 infinity), and Hiroya Iijima (Afro samurai, Mazinger Z: Infinite).

Ancient Gainax members founded the anime studio GONZO in 1992. The company merged with Shinichiro Ishikawait is Digitization company in 2000 and a new parent company, GDH (Which means Digimation Gonzo Holdings), was formed. GDH absorbed GONZO in 2008 and adopted the name GONZO for himself. Tokyo Stock Exchange listed GONZO in 2004, but he removed the company in 2009. The company was restructured through investment funds, and Asatsu-DK acquired and do GONZO a subsidiary consolidated in 2016. The company realized an “absorption-type corporate split” in 2019, transferring some of its anime production, intellectual property, and rights management businesses to the then newly formed company Kai Studio company.

The studio launched a crowdfunding country in August for his 30th birthday.

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