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The cryptocurrency market is difficult to navigate. Where to put your funds and when has baffled crypto enthusiasts since the first Bitcoin (BTC) mini-run in 2011. This editorial article will examine three cryptocurrencies worthy of your attention in this financial quarter. These are Cardano (ADA), Big Eyed Coin (BIG)and Solana (SOL).

Cardano and Solana are two sustainable blockchains that have dominated the market so far. Although they are subject to volatility like the rest of the crypto market, they often deliver explosive returns to their traders. Big Eyes Coin is new to the crypto market, becoming one of the first meme tokens to feature a feline-themed Anime mascot.

Big Eyes Coin aims for the moon

Several distinct features make the Big Eyes Coin platform unique and a must-have in your crypto wallet. First, the platform will launch an NFT collection that could reach the top ten projects. Big Eyes Coin will add utility to its collection, allowing its lucky holders to use them as invitations to an array of exclusive and exciting events.

Second, Big Eyes Coin relies on the Ethereum network. Ethereum recently moved to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus, limiting the amount of energy needed per transaction. Big Eyes Coin will also make regular contributions to ocean sanctuaries through a charity wallet, once again prioritizing sustainability in the unsustainable crypto market.

Finally, Big Eyes Coin has placed a calculator on its platform that can help you track your potential returns on your investment. Simply connect your wallet and it will automatically link the number of BIG tokens you have. You can then see the different Big Eyes Coin prices and see what your tokens will be worth if Big Eyes Coin goes to the moon!

Solana’s 30% push!

Have you ever heard of Solana? Of course you have! Blockchain was an early adopter of combined consensus to tackle the scalability problem in the blockchain trilemma. While most blockchains could barely process 1,000 transactions per second, Solana was able to hit 50,000.

Although you might think this would incur expensive transaction fees, it is not. Solana can process transactions for an average cost of $0.00025. Solana has amassed millions in its loyal community, with 11.5 million active accounts and 21.9 million NFTs minted.

Solana is also capable of explosive returns. The platform has increased its market capitalization by 32.66% in the last seven days at the time of writing.

How is Cardano today?

Cardano joined the crypto market in 2017, providing a blockchain that maximized sustainability through PoS consensus. Although Cardano cannot reach the number of transactions that Solana can, it still limits its energy consumption with reports that the blockchain is 37,500 times more energy efficient than Bitcoin.

Cardano’s system is open to peer review. This gives the Cardano ecosystem much more credibility than other blockchains, and its transaction costs are significantly lower than blockchain giant Bitcoin.

So how is Cardano doing today? Cardano is currently the eighth largest cryptocurrency in the market, with an impressive market capitalization of $11.6 billion. Cardano has also increased its value by 4.18% over the past seven days at the time of writing.

to summarize

It’s no surprise that Cardano and Solana made the list of must-have cryptocurrencies for your wallet. Each has shown throughout its history that it is capable of delivering explosive returns. Big Eyes Coin is a new cryptocurrency, but that doesn’t take away from its profitability for your wallet.

The new meme token is going wild at every presale stage, increasing gigantic amounts and showing why it could be the next biggest meme token. If Big Eyes Coin achieves its goal of raising $12 million during its presale through January, the platform will launch sooner. Plus, you can receive 200% bonus chips with your order by using the code “LAUNCHBIGEYES200” at checkout!

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