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Did you know you can get gas refunds for failed trades from OpenSea? Well you can, in just a few steps.

OpenSea is a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace headquartered in New York. In January, the platform made headlines for refunding 750 Ethereum valued at $1.8 million, then to users who accidentally sold valuable NFTs via an exploit involving “inactive ads.”

To be eligible for a refund, your attempted transaction must have occurred within the last 30 days. You should be able to filter attempted transactions and then share them with OpenSea customer support by creating a ticket.

Please note that the platform does not open attachments for security reasons, so you will have to copy and paste them into your ticket request.

Refunds can be made for all supported blockchains. In the next section, we dive into the step-by-step procedure for recovering lost Ethereum gas fees.

Get your refund from OpenSea

First check if you are entitled to a refund.

Step 1: Log in to your Metamask Wallet

Step 2: Click on Options, then on “Show account on Etherscan”. You will be redirected to the Etherscan platform.

Step 3: Filter transactions from the last 30 days under the “Age” tab.

How to Recover Gas Charges from Failed OpenSea Transactions 1

Step 4: Identify failed transactions made on the NFT platform.

Second, forward the transaction details to OpenSea support. Note that OpenSea Support does not open attachments.

Step 5: Copy and paste all transaction details into a text document. Details should include transaction hash, age, and transaction fee. The details make it easier for support to identify the transaction.

A transaction hash is a unique identifier recording each transaction on the block chain this includes NFT purchases, sales or even canceled orders. All gas fees paid will generate a transaction hash.

Step 6: Visit the OpenSea help Center.

Step 7: Select the topic “Wallet and Transaction Issues”, then fill in the form on the right side as follows: (“requirement” – input)

  • “E-mail address” – your e-mail address
  • “I have a wallet and transaction problem” – transaction problems
  • “On which blockchain did you buy your NFT? – Ethereum
  • “Transaction hash” – paste the hash of the text document
  • “What is the status of your transaction? – My wallet says “Tx returned”
  • “What is your wallet ID?” – enter your wallet ID
  • “Subject” – Reimbursement of gas costs for a failed transaction
  • “Description” – paste the details of the text document on the transaction. State that you need a refund.
  • “Attach text file” – this is optional and unlikely that support will refrain from opening it due to security concerns.

Step 7: Click “Submit”

Step 8: Repeat step 7 for other failed transactions.

You should receive a response from support within 24 hours. However, the response could take longer depending on the traffic.

Here is an example response from the NFT platform.

How to Recover Gas Charges from Failed OpenSea Transactions 2

Why do transactions fail?

The most common mistake when buying an NFT on the platform is losing transaction fees. In this situation, the buyer who paid the highest gas charge can purchase the item. The situation occurs when multiple users bid on an NFT at the same time. Buyers who lose on the auction have the gas costs deducted – such an event is called “reversed”. Fortunately, expenses can be reimbursed as illustrated above.

Another reason for failed transactions is the lack of gas fees. Running out of gas is common when you lower your transaction fee limit, especially during peak traffic. Wallets like Metamask, calibrate your gas fees to ensure your transaction is completed.

Transactions can also get stuck, this happens when you set a low gas fee, so the transaction doesn’t complete. The resolution to this issue varies depending on your wallet provider. Metamask users can fix the issue by waiting for it or by using the “speed up” option which resubmits the transaction, but at a higher price.

Group purchases also tend to generate errors for the same reasons.

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