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Busan, South Korea –News Direct– Huobi Global

Huobi Global and Huobi Korea today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Busan Metropolitan City Government. Under the agreement, Huobi Global and Huobi Korea will work closely with the city to develop its blockchain industry, supporting its vision to become a global digital asset hub. The partnership covers the provision of R&D, technology and financial support for the Busan Digital Currency Exchange, as well as the recruitment of global blockchain talent for the local Busan market.

Huobi has been operating in South Korea through a local office since 2019, where it is regulated under a license issued by the Korea Financial Services Commission last year. This makes Huobi the first digital asset exchange with a physical presence in Korea to cooperate with the Busan Metropolitan City Government in blockchain development.

Huobi’s operational experience in Korea and understanding of the local market, coupled with its strong track record in providing high-end services to users in the region, will give it a distinct advantage in helping Busan build a strong blockchain ecosystem. He has cultivated strong relationships with large local groups in developing his own blockchain business, with strong ties to the Korean blockchain industry. Huobi Korea has also explored innovative business ventures with other companies in Korea, with an approach that emphasizes mutual benefits.

As a pioneer and industry leader in the application of blockchain technology, Huobi has long been committed to building blockchain infrastructure since its inception. It has invested in several leading blockchain projects and wants to actively partner with high-potential project teams to address key challenges in the digital economy. As a one-stop platform that offers blockchain applications and services for various industries, Huobi focuses on developing the blockchain industry, leveraging the combined expertise of the Institute of Huobi Research and Huobi Academy to provide professional services for the entire blockchain industry lifecycle.

Huobi Korea CEO Junyong Choi said, “We are excited to work with the city of Busan to transform it into a global digital asset hub. We believe Busan has strong attributes to drive innovation and growth, and share their belief that blockchain technologies can transform and benefit traditional industries. We look forward to leveraging our expertise and experience to grow blockchain adoption in the city and across the region.”

Heong-Joon Park, Mayor of Busan, said, “The city of Busan is delighted to partner with Huobi to further the growth of our blockchain ecosystem. As a blockchain regulation-free zone, Busan provides a conducive environment for the development of the latest digital financial technologies, which has attracted many blockchain companies from all over the world. I hope Huobi will spread the word about Busan’s strong environment and support for digital finance, so that we can attract more blockchain talent to our city.

To reinforce its commitment, Huobi will also be the main sponsor of Busan Blockchain Week 2022, which will start on October 27. Huobi invites potential partners to connect with him at his booth. Interested co-investors can also contact, and parties to the project wishing to list their tokens can contact for more information.

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