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SINGAPORE, January 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — imToken has published its 7e Annual Report. Over the past seven years, imToken has helped 15 million users worldwide enter the world of blockchain.

imToken 2022 Annual Report
imToken 2022 Annual Report

Security, as an eternal theme of crypto winter, is always a common concern for token holders.

The difficult economic climate and unexpected negative events have made the current cryptocurrency market even more difficult. imToken has taken action by cracking down on fake apps and exposing 20 new scams to help wallet users avoid losses and protect their assets.

As the blockchain industry continues to grow, imToken values ​​the opportunity to learn and grow alongside its users.

The cryptocurrency market in 2022 showed more maturity compared to previous years. Despite the current market conditions, significant developments have taken place in areas such as Ethereum fusion, Layer 2, and NFTs. imToken also ran seven Learn and Earn campaigns, receiving over 3 million user-submitted quizzes.

imToken is committed to making the tokenized world accessible to everyone.

imToken believes that blockchain technology is essential to protect individual rights, decentralization is necessary to create a trustless society, and tokenization is a trend that will promote efficient circulation of value.

In 2022, imToken has made over 10 investments and worked alongside outstanding blockchain projects to advance the industry:

Security: Hexens; Silence labs…
Tools: HAL; Li.Finance…
DeFi: Vovo funding; Swap cows…
Layer 2: LayerSwap; Orbiter…

ImToken New Year 2023 Version App Released

In 2022, imToken released 11 new app versions, including a major overhaul of its Ethereum wallet in the New Year’s version:

  • Decoded transaction support to help you easily understand on-chain information
  • Support for ERC1155 NFTs and one-stop management of NFTs on Ethereum

By supporting Layer 2 networks like Arbitrum and prioritizing user-friendliness, imToken aims to not only become the preferred wallet for Ethereum users, but also promote the widespread adoption of blockchain technology.

Intense competition and ongoing exploration expected in 2023

In 2023, the industry’s focus has shifted to the wallet sector, and imToken remains dedicated to its goal of making the tokenized world accessible to everyone. To achieve this, imToken will continue to explore user-friendly solutions such as account abstraction and MPC.

imToken intends to collaborate with more wallet service providers to provide a smooth introduction for users into the world of blockchain.

2022 imToken Activity Highlights
2022 imToken Activity Highlights

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