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The morning consisted of interviewing a Connecticut attorney about InfoWars’ social and web media and analytics strategies.

WATERBURY, Conn. – Alex Jones and analytics and data from his InfoWars websites and social media platforms came under the microscope during the second day of the Connecticut Trial in his claims about the Sandy Hook tragedy was a hoax.

The morning and afternoon sessions consisted of interviewing a Connecticut attorney about InfoWars’ social and web media and analytics strategies, as well as revisiting moments from previous depositions involving Jones and his company.

Brittany Paz currently runs her own law firm in Shelton and is a corporate representative for Free Speech Systems. She also worked for attorney Norm Pattis, Jones’ attorney in that civil lawsuit, for five years in the 2010s.

The plaintiff’s focus on Wednesday was to discuss how InfoWars engages with its audience and the strategies behind it, as well as how the company makes money.

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InfoWars has earned money in several ways, including advertisements, selling products on the online store, and collecting donations.

During testimony, Paz admitted that donations made to Jones with cryptocurrency would go into his personal crypto wallet, not a corporate wallet.

When the requester asked if the given crypto was going to his personal account, Paz replied, “Where is the money kept? Yes.”

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She was unsure if he would say on his shows that the donations go to Free Speech Systems but said “he doesn’t tell anyone where he goes and what he does with it”.

As for the articles and topics that InfoWars would present to its audience, Paz was initially hesitant to call a specific InfoWars title regarding Sandy Hook “clickbait”.

The plaintiff used a story related to Sandy Hook as an example, with the headline: “CT School Massacre Looks Like False Flag, Witnesses Say”.

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When the complainant asked if the headline was a clickbait, Paz replied, “In the sense that it would get someone’s attention? Yes.”

When asked if the title itself was fake, Paz replied that she didn’t disagree that it was fake.

“I don’t think we disagree that there were misrepresentations,” Paz said.

It’s a developing story, the trial session is underway.

Jones is accused of claiming that the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut was a hoax and that his claims led to victims being harassed and sending death threats.

Eight families of victims and an FBI agent who intervened on the scene on December 14, 2012 filed a complaint.

This lawsuit will determine the punitive and compensatory damages Jones and Free Speech Systems (InfoWars) may owe in this civil lawsuit. Liability will not be decided in this trial without cause by the courts specified for jurors.

A Texas jury last month ordered Jones to pay $49.3 million to parents of 6-year-old Jesse Lewisone of 26 students and teachers killed in the 2012 shooting. Jones’ attorney has announced plans to appeal the decision.

Jones will also face a third lawsuit in Texas involving the parents of another child who was killed.

Jones was not present Wednesday but plans to testify. This trial is expected to last four to five weeks.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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