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Innovation leader at the forefront of intellectual property digital transformation launches initial minting of over 25 million existing patent assets as dynamic NFTS

DAVOS, Switzerland, January 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — IPwe the same way Casper Laboratoriestoday announced the largest enterprise blockchain deployment in history in Davos, Switzerland, during the week of the World Economic Forum. This joint announcement represents the first true use case of blockchain and NFT for enterprises, improving intellectual property management and creating value and cash for intellectual property owners worldwide.

In collaboration with Casper Laboratories, IPwe has developed and launched a dynamic NFT blockchain solution — IPwe Digital Assets — that leverages the licensed distributed ledger technologies of open source Hyperledger Fabric and public blockchain Casper to securely store public information and private verified on each patent. IPwe digital assets are powered by public data from Clarivate’s world-renowned patent datasets, providing intellectual property owners with a simple and transparent digital representation of asset ownership.

“IPwe is proud to announce the creation of 25 million NFT patents to drive the digital transformation of intellectual property. IPwe digital assets are game-changing technology and the true manifestation of blockchain’s promise to businesses,” said Lean Pinto, IPwe President. “IPwe has developed a real-world use case for blockchain technology at the enterprise level, finally creating a class of liquid financial assets and enabling the full potential of intellectual property to be realized. IPwe digital assets are new and disruptive in the IP and blockchain spaces, but we are confident that the company will quickly understand the necessity and power of IPwe’s blockchain solutions.”

The launch of IPwe Digital Assets, starting with our tokenization of existing patents around the world as a dynamic NFTS, puts IPwe at the forefront of the digital transformation of intellectual property. Now businesses can confidently move to the next-generation Web3 ecosystem to manage their intellectual property, with tokenized assets containing verifiable ownership data and auditable and compliant aggregate evidence records. IPwe Digital Asset also powers IPwe’s comprehensive SaaS solution, Smart Intangible Asset Management (SIAM), a transparent tokenized asset management tool providing data-driven financial insights, analytics, and metrics with increased transactional efficiency and portfolio ROI.

“With this launch, IPwe is taking a leadership position in advancing the state of the art for enterprise IP and blockchain,” said Daniela Barbosa, Executive Director, Hyperledger Foundation, and Managing Director Blockchain and Identity at the Linux Foundation. “The innovation and scale of this deployment demonstrates the power of hybrid networks to manage critical assets in a way that is secure and highly efficient, yet transparent and accessible. It is gratifying to see the technologies built by our community powering this solution and interoperate with the Casper Blockchain to achieve these results.”

Casper Association Board Member Ralf Kubli said, “Casper is the future-proof blockchain network, enabling economic activity for next-generation business models based on native digital assets. . Deploying IPwe on Casper will bring massive economic value to enterprises, governments, and startups.”


IPwe, Smart Intangible Asset Management and IPwe Digital Assets are registered trademarks of IPwe.

Contact: Mia Mixan, [email protected]



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