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Published: Mon Sep 19, 2022 5:04 PM

Within a year of Bitcoin’s launch, the cryptocurrency market has taken the world by storm. From El Salvador recognizing crypto as one of its official currencies to buying pizza and paying with your digital wallet, the crypto market is a true force of nature. What makes it vibrate? We sat down with the cryptocurrency guru, a man who has had huge success with his crypto wallet – Jean Pierre Vandome.


The cryptocurrency is built on its promise of high returns. The crypto market is built on the principle of “high risk, high reward”. Vandome warns novice investors, asking them to participate in the research. The master investor says that when it comes to crypto, there isn’t too much research. But social media is mistakenly propelling the idea that crypto is easy money, high yield investment. As misguided as that may be, it does not fail to attract hundreds of new investors every day, essentially driving the crypto market with increased demand.


The crypto is still very new and finding a stable base. This, in turn, means that it is always in a phase of continuous growth, which means that many innovations occur at any given time. Young aficionados and hardcore fans are getting involved in the crypto community. This, combined with the fact that the crypto ecosystem is built on decentralized blockchain technology, gives everyone a chance to affect change. “Always change” is the unspoken motto of the crypto world. And many people find it an exciting new challenge as well as an exciting roller coaster ride.


Vandome points out that it was only recently that crypto regulation came into play. But until now, the crypto space has been almost completely unregulated, prompting many people to redirect erroneously acquired funds into crypto investments. This type of trading was largely responsible for the recovery of several crypto projects. Although false, it was a serious factor in helping the cryptocurrency market work.

Widespread adoption

As mentioned earlier, the mainstream adoption of crypto is a huge step forward for the market. Take the example of El Salvador – the country has made cryptocurrency an officially recognized currency, which has given it a huge head start. As cryptocurrency has many advantages, including faster, cheaper and more secure cross-border transactions, its adoption is expected to increase in the coming years.

Vandome says that all of these factors together play a huge role in making the crypto market work.

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