Justin Sun Announces to Start Trading Meme Tokens via His Public Address

The billionaire entrepreneur Justin Sun, who is also known as the founder of Tron Network, has made another announcement. As per Sun, he has decided to start regular trading of the meme tokens as well as the rest of the promising projects via his public address. The entrepreneur stated that with the respective move, he will individually bear the likely losses to be posed by the respective trades.

Justin Sun to Commence Trading Meme Tokens Through Public Address

In addition to the announcement of using the public address for the active trading of meme tokens, he also made a generous decision regarding the profits. As per him, any of the profits to be gained through the respective trades would not be taken by him as his possession. On the other hand, the billionaire entrepreneur will donate the profits obtained through such trades for charity-based purposes.

Along with this, Sun moved on to clarify. On his official Twitter channel, he noted in a post that it is noteworthy to remember that his investments do not have anything to do with a piece of financial advice. In this respect, sun indicated that his followers should not take the respective declarations as investment advice.

The Trades Will Be Just for Fun, Says Sun

Apart from that, he added that his decision does not promise the listing of the above-mentioned projects on the crypto exchanges such as Poloniex and HuobiGlobal. He also stated that he does not have any specific purpose in trading the respective tokens. According to Justin Sun, he just intends to trade such crypto tokens for entertainment. This means that he is not concerned about the likely consequences of the trades. Hence, he advised his followers on Twitter to do a comprehensive research before investment.

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