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Lbank-Backed Metaverse Crypto Project Hits $70,000 As TARO Presale Gets Exciting Start

Right now, the majority of cryptocurrencies are crashing, but there is still hope for a market reversal in time. The best thing about this industry is the variety of investment options it offers to every investor. When mainstream cryptos fall, several emerging cryptos come into the picture as an alternative.

RobotEra is one such exciting crypto investment that has emerged amidst the chaotic crypto situation as a haven for Metaverse investors and fans. The concept of Metaverse has spread widely due to its promising future and ease of access. By tapping into trending technology, RobotEra , Dash 2 Exchange , and Calvary affect investors in the gaming market.

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RobotEra – the LBank-backed crypto presale that hit $70,000

Before we begin to demystify RobotEra, it becomes necessary to ask why this newly launched Metaverse project has become the talk of the “crypto” town. Simply put, the opportunity to explore a new kind of Metaverse has always been exciting for crypto enthusiasts. This is exactly what RobotEra intends to let its users do creatively.

Within the boundaries of the RobotEra Metaverse, users are not limited or restricted in any way so as not to hamper their exploration and creativity. The opportunities offered by this sandbox-like planet-rebuilding metaverse include: creating, sharing, mining, exploring, and trading. You can think of RobotEra as a shared multiverse where users can connect to each other.

Whether creating and constructing NFTs or buildings using the editor to create land or robots, exploring special areas to find rewards, participating in quests in the downtown to earn rewards and submit original works to display in museums, RobotEra offers exquisite gameplay. Based on its white paper, Robot will be the main NFT of the project.

Unlike any other Metaverse crypto project, RobotEra offers several ways to generate income. Players who own the native TARO token are allowed to stake, mine, manage land, trade using the built-in market, and even exchange NFTs for monetary benefits. One cannot miss the opportunity to buy TARO in one of the hottest pre-sales of 2022.

After the completion of the public presale, RobotEra aims to apply for listing on well-known crypto exchanges starting with LBank. With the backing of LBank, TARO will become increasingly available for investment after its presale closes with resounding success.

4 exciting pre-sales not to be missed

Dash 2 Exchange

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To know the ins and outs of a trading market, it is necessary to have accurate and real-time data. But several crypto traders do not have access to a full-fledged crypto analytics platform, which puts them off. But there is an emerging crypto project known as Dash 2 Trade that could change that.

Dash 2 Trade is the brainchild of crypto market veterans who felt the need for a reliable Bloomberg-like terminal dedicated to crypto. Backed by the creators of Learn 2 Trade, a household name among professional retail traders, Dash 2 Trade is intended to simplify crypto trading using unique features, tools and services like the following;

  • Social Sentiments and On-Chain Analysis for Top Cryptos
  • Timely trading signals to provide trading opportunities
  • A strategy creation tool where one can create and test trading strategies
  • Customizable alerts that notify users of new and interesting crypto listings.

Within weeks, Dash 2 Trade made millions on its presale for its native cryptocurrency, D2T. The D2T token will provide platform users with several benefits, including the ability to use the previously mentioned strategy creation tool. At present, D2T presale is very profitable to invest.

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After a long time, the crypto industry has welcomed a worthy and eco-friendly crypto project which goes by the name of This project aims to reform the carbon offset industry using decentralization and carbon credits. There have been many attempts to introduce true eco-green crypto investing, but IMPT appears to be the only one to have succeeded.

Investing in makes it possible to become an important part of an entire ecosystem of sustainable brands around the world. By using the IMPT Marketplace, users will be able to purchase products and safely contribute to green initiatives. Users will also have the opportunity to earn carbon credits, which can be tokenized as NFTs upon retirement.

The ecosystem relies on its native ERC-20 token, IMPT, which is available for purchase as part of the ongoing presale.


Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is an exciting new project if you’re interested in P2E games that allow for a unique set of cards with various abilities. But Calvaria is more than epic and fantastical gameplay. It is based on innovative blockchain technology and various upgrades that players can earn as well as rewards by winning battles.

The main currency of this game is an ERC-20 token called RIA, which serves as the main component that keeps the whole economy in place. Calvaria is a great buy for those looking for a P2E strategy game based on the NFT concept. The RIA presale has reached phase 4 and there couldn’t be a better time to invest in it.

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There is no shortage of investment-worthy crypto projects on the market, but experts believe that LBank-backed RobotEra will be huge after hitting $70,000 in pre-sale for beginners.

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