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  • The crypto the wallet address acts as a form of identification for better and convenient communication in the blockchain environment
  • Provide users with automatic invitations to an NFT gathering lounge for more social opportunities among verified NFT owners

Seoul, South Korea, November 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Life MMO (co-representatives of Jeong, Wook and Park, Young-ho) announced on the 24the that he released the beta version of YOL worldwide, a crypto wallet address based global web communication platform.

The recently released beta version of YOL is a webmail that uses a crypto wallet address (hereinafter the “wallet”) as an identifier for real-time chat, developed in line with the proliferation of web 3.0 and digital crypto markets. This results in greater communication convenience in a blockchain environment such as NFT trading by allowing messaging using other people’s wallet address.

What makes YOL unique is that it expands social opportunities to owners of the same NFT. While existing wallet address-based messengers only support chat between individuals, YOL invites users who have an NFT in their wallet to the corresponding NFT collection lounge (NFT community), providing a place to network and group chat with verified NFT holders.

Anyone with a MetaMask, Kaikas or Klaytn wallet can connect their wallet to YOL, the official and mobile versions of which will also be released later.

About Life MMO Corp.

Established in March 2019, Life MMO (co-representatives of Jeong, Wook and Park, Young-ho) is a company that promotes new gaming-related businesses, specifically focusing on developing content that takes advantage of gamification. Gamification focuses on enhancing enjoyment in everyday life in correlation with games.



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