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DELAWARE CITY, Delaware, Nov. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ranked as one of the best crypto presales of 2022, MetaBlaze is launching a 24-hour Crypto Presale event for its $MBLZ token. Web-based gaming company 3 has raised over three and a half million dollars throughout its ongoing presale for its $MBLZ token, the utility token to power its interoperable gaming ecosystem.

Currently in its latest crypto presale round, this presents a window of opportunity to acquire the $MBLZ token during the cryptocurrency presale before its official launch.

The presale allows crypto investors to acquire $MBLZ at exclusive rates ahead of its IPO. Today’s limited-time Black Friday event presents an incredible opportunity for those who want to take advantage of this ground floor buying opportunity, with prices at a rate of $0.00007764 instead of the standard price of $0.00015069 per token.

Ranked among the “10 Most Watched Crypto Projects” by CertiK, a leading blockchain analytics firm, and voted as one of the best cryptocurrency presales of 2022, MetaBlaze is in the spotlight because it should usher in the third generation of crypto games. The gaming company has the potential to develop what could become a model crypto gaming economy. MetaBlaze became one of the first companies in crypto history to see its founding team earn an impeccable KYC Gold Certified badge from CertiK, the leading security company for Blockchain.

What is MetaBlaze?

MetaBlaze is a visionary, rewards-generating gaming platform developing the third generation of crypto gaming. His Blaziverse app (Decentralized Application) is designed to serve as a central hub for immersive gaming experiences supported by compelling world-building, rich narratives, and social integration.

How to Buy MetaBlaze

  • Visit:
  • Click: Buy $MBLZ
  • Create a user account on the MetaBlaze Launchpad
  • Submit KYC requirements
  • Once approved, proceed to purchase $MBLZ

This helpful guide is available explaining How to buy MetaBlaze in presale. Alternatively, MetaBlaze offers round-the-clock support on its audience telegram channel and live chat through the MetaBlaze website.

The Black Friday presale event started today, November 25, at 12:00 EST (05:00 UTC), ending precisely at 11:59 (04:59 UTC). With over $3.5 million raised from over 2,000 crypto investors, MetaBlaze’s pre-sale is coming to an end as it nears its $4 million cap.

After this 24-hour Black Friday presale event, the price per $MBLZ token will return to its standard rate of $0.00015069. Take advantage of this limited time offer by purchasing $MBLZ at the discounted rate of $0.00007764.

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