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Terra (LUNA) and LUNA Classic (LUNC)

Terra (LUNA) and LUNA Classic (LUNC) coin prices have been impressive today and even for the past few days. This is compared to the overall price performance and situation of large coins in the market. However, Terra (LUNA) is lagging the performance of LUNA Classic (LUNC) over the past 24 hours at the time of writing. Bitgert (BREEZE) is fine.

The price performance of LUNA Classic (LUNC) fared well due to the recent burn. The Terra Classic community burned 16 million LUNC tokens this week, up from 12 million last week.

The burn triggered an increase in the number of investors buying the coin and in demand for the LUNA Classic (LUNC). This is why the price of the coin has increased, and we will likely see the price of this coin increase even more as more burns are executed next week. So far, more than 37 billion LUNA Classic (LUNC) tokens have burned.

The Terra (LUNA) community is also burning, but the rate is much lower than what $LUNC posted. However, the Bitgert coin also displays one of the biggest burns, only that its approach is different from the Terra coins.

Automated Bitgert Burn and Adoption Maintains Coin Stability

Looking at Bitgert’s price performance over the past few months, the coin has done better than LUNA Classic and Terra (LUNA). In fact, looking at Bitgert’s price growth, it’s been a very consistent growth. Indeed, Bitgert ran an automated burn, where 5% of each trade goes to the repurchase contract.

However, Bitgert’s current price stability is also due to the growing adoption of Brise products and projects. Indeed, the recent products that the Brise team has just launched have been massively adopted. A good example is the growing adoption of the Bitgert exchange, especially after the Android version went live on Playstore.

Bitgert Paybrise also shows impressive adoption statistics. Many products were also launched in early 2022, such as the Brise BRC20 blockchain, which continues to drive the adoption of the Bitgert coin.

final thought

Bitgert’s price performance will remain stable for a long time, even when the market crashes. This is because unlike Terra (LUNA) and LUNA Classic coins which rely on etching, Bitgert still has disruptive products that increase coin adoption. This is what makes $BRISE an ideal buy today.

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