Meria Joins Forces with Chiliz, Paving the Way for Blockchain Revolution in Sports

Meria, a prominent player in the French-speaking landscape of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, has proudly announced its collaboration with Chiliz, the leading provider of blockchain solutions for the sports industry. As part of the agreement, Meria will participate as a validator in the public launch of Chiliz’s blockchain platform, Chiliz Chain, demonstrating the companies’ joint dedication to extending access to blockchain technology and digital currencies.

In light of the partnership, Meria CEO Owen Simonin (Hasheur) said, “Revolutionizing the sports industry with blockchain technology has become a reality!” We are excited to announce our partnership with Chiliz to introduce the Chiliz Chain, the industry’s premier blockchain platform for sports.

Chiliz Chain’s public mainnet debut on May 10, 2023, was a watershed moment in the company’s history. With the introduction, a new age begins in which blockchain technology may be used to foster deeper connections between sports fans, communities, and teams. The Chiliz Chain’s long-term goal is to become the Web3 ecosystem’s default blockchain platform for big sports companies. Teams and brands may create innovative experiences and services powered by the native token $CHZ by drawing on the knowledge and resources of Chiliz and Socios and their broad network of over 150 famous teams.

There are now 11 Proof of Stake Authority (PoSA) node validators in operation on the Chiliz Chain. Jump Crypto, Paribu, and Meria are the three validators chosen for the launch. Together, these firms are demonstrating the power of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry to transform industries and boost confidence in the integrity of the international financial system. It also opens up new possibilities for creativity by combining the respective strengths of the two businesses to create services and goods that meet the ever-shifting demands of the market.

Who is Meria and Chiliz?

Meria was established in that year, 2017, and it focuses on blockchain and digital currency development. The firm’s investing platform,, has played a key role in increasing the availability of cryptocurrencies in French-speaking countries, and the company has received a reputation for its expertise in managing validators for blockchains.

Chiliz, founded in 2018, is leading the charge in using blockchain and cryptocurrencies to disrupt the sports sector. Among its many innovations, are Fans Tokens, the Socios engagement tool, and Gameused. com, a platform for verifying the authenticity of collectibles in the sports and entertainment industries with the use of NFTs. Chiliz, a global sports technology company with over 300 workers and offices in Madrid, London, Istanbul, Miami, Malta, Milan, Sao Paulo, and Switzerland, is a leader in industry disruption.

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