Multichain Announces the Launch of the Earliest dApp on zkRouter

Multichain, a decentralized protocol for cross-chain swaps, has recently announced an exclusive development. The company has disclosed that its zkRouter testnet is launching. Moreover, the platform has also mentioned that the initial decentralized application (dApp) being developed on the zkRouter is also going to be launched.

Multichain Launches the Initial dApp on zkRouter

In addition to this, the platform asserted that the zkRouter is currently going through the initial phase of its development. In this respect, any feedback will be welcomed by the company for further improvements that can facilitate the consumers. Along with this, the platform will also reward those who will offer valuable ideas in this respect.

Apart from that, the company discussed the qualities of the cross-chain bridge that is based on zkRouter. One such feature is trustlessness. This means that the zkRouter can transact consensus status autonomously on the condition that an honest member enters, rather than relying on the rest of the trust facilities. Hence, the zkRouter-built bridge does not necessitate any 3rd-party validation.

ZkRouter-Based Cross-Chain Bridge Offers Cost-Effectiveness, Trustlessness, and Improved TPS Performance

It just needs an honest node for ensuring that a synchronization can be carried out between the consensus proof of the source chain and the target chain. Nonetheless, this would not pose any security problems. Additionally, every person is permitted to operate nodes to turn into ZKP relayers and generators to get rewards.

Another characteristic of the cross-chain bridge is the increased performance in terms of transactions per second (TPS). As the consensus takes into account the present status of the blockchain, multiple transfers can be simultaneously validated with proof of consensus. Furthermore, the cross-chain bridge is also cost-effective. Via the zero-knowledge proof technology, a great extent of computation done throughout the consensus procedure can be transacted to trusted off-chain sources.

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