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Following the rise in home and property theft, revolutionary blockchain protection for cities and landlords is finally available

SARASOTA, Florida., September 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — City clerks and leaders across the country are working hard to ensure their citizens and property owners are protected from a wave of title deed thefts.

“Getting a copy of any deed is easy. It took less than 5 minutes to get my deed and I was never even asked for ID,” said Michael Danforthowner to Norwalk, Connecticut.

Thieves across the country are taking this easily accessible information and using it to remortgage and steal property, as well as millions of dollars, from homeowners in small towns to big cities. This happens with primary and vacation homes, raw land and more.

City officials and landlords are frustrated. Existing solutions can alert to a problem, but they cannot stop thefts or prevent an altered record from being re-recorded.

TruDoss( is on a mission to help cities and landlords protect their real estate through the patented use of blockchain technology with distributed ledgers that prevent altered deeds from being recorded.

Paul Hartzelco-founder of TruDoss, noted “recent stories in Texas, IllinoisPennsylvania, Ohio and Florida Tell us about people who were shocked to find they no longer owned real estate they thought was theirs. This is wrong, and we have a solution that is available for cities right now.”

Hartzell went on to say “TruDoss can stop theft before it happens by using our patented blockchain technology which uses a cryptographic hash, to immutably identify digital content, making it impossible to submit a modified document without immediate detection before recording. This is how TruDoss will stop thieves in their tracks.”

The TruDoss architecture enables integration with all types of document and data management platforms and provides this protection at a reasonable cost. The service can be purchased through an annual license with no upfront cost and includes 100% text search, global security certifications, and a full admin console allowing for highly secure citizen access, without breaking the city’s annual budget.


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