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Tsunami, PARSIQ’s ultra-fast API, has been launched on Arbitrum One. The Layer-2 Ethereum scaling solution has already attracted a large community of users and developers. Using the Tsunami API, developers can access instant real-time and historical data, which provides advanced query functionality and monitoring solutions vital to the ecosystem as a whole.

Accessing and collecting data won’t take as many hours or days, and reorganizing that data won’t take as many weeks as it used to. The procedure can be completed in an instant when using PARSIQ. Never before has it been possible to access data from any Arbitrum so quickly and efficiently as with PARSIQ’s Tsunami API.

PARSIQ is a comprehensive data network that can be used to build the backend of all Web3 dApps and protocols. The Tsunami API allows blockchain protocols and their clients (such as protocol-oriented dApps) to access both real-time and historical data. Arbitrum is a set of secure scaling solutions for Ethereum that is developed by Offchain Labs, a startup that was founded in Princeton and receives funding from venture capitalists.

Arbitrum is the most successful Layer 2 scaling provider, and it currently operates two live blockchains: Arbitrum One, which is an Optimistic Rollup solution and the top choice for DeFi dApps, and Arbitrum Nova, which is an AnyTrust solution and home for games. and social dApps, including Reddit’s Community Points.

Enable developers to work smart and efficiently

The technologies developed by Arbitrum enable instant scaling of dApps, resulting in significant cost reduction and increased performance, all without compromising Ethereum security. Since Arbitrum is fully compatible with EVM, porting contracts to Arbitrum requires no source code modifications or downloads. Arbitrum updated their new Nitro tech stack in 2022, which enabled evidence of cheating on the core Geth engine compiled on WASM. This has resulted in a large increase in network throughput capacity while significantly reducing transaction costs.

AJ Warner, Chief Strategy Officer at Offchain Labs, said, “With the addition of PARSIQ to Arbitrum One, our ecosystem will now have access to real-time and historical data, enabling developers to work smarter and more efficiently. Having data available is a crucial part of any web3 development, and with the addition of PARSIQ our community will have customizable data packages throughout the development cycle.

Arbitrum One has already established a thriving DeFi community thanks to its lightning-fast transactions, low transaction fees, and rapid growth in acceptance as an optimistic Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution. PARSIQ is delighted to collaborate with key players in the ecosystem and looks forward to working with them Arbitrationwhich is well suited for PARSIQ network integration due to its large and growing user base as well as its focus on being builder friendly.

A range of powerful indexed data solutions

Users can access raw data from the entire Nitro channel through the Tsunami API. Additionally, it gives users the ability to apply filtering techniques, making it possible to query the entire blockchain history. This can be done, for example, by the sender, the recipient, the contracts he deals with by topic, etc. By making raw data available in real time as well as in the past, platforms have the ability to track any type of event, metric or statistic they deem appropriate. Some examples of this include TVL, liquidity, current and historical token values, APR, APY, ROI, user balances, and many more.

Tom Tirman, CEO and PARSIQsaid, “The explosion of Arbitrum’s user base and builder community is nothing short of impressive. At PARSIQ, we are excited to contribute by introducing our game-changing Tsunami API and a range of powerful indexed data solutions for data aggregators, DEXs and DeFi platforms We are excited to play our part in driving innovation by empowering Arbitrum builders with all their data requirements keeping their focus on product and innovation.

As long as projects have had to make decisions based on historical data, modify and update their metrics, assess the relationship between past events, etc., speed has been one of the toughest challenges. As developers know, processing this data can often take a long time – from a few hours to several days. Reinventing what it means to access Web3 data quickly and easily, the Tsunami API allows developers to query over 33 billion blockchain events in less than a second.

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