peaq Network’s New Collaborator NATIX Offers Numerous AI-Powered Sensors

The dApps platform peaq Network has recently partnered with a privacy-first platform NATIX that deals with IoT and EI technology’s use cases in the real world. The partnership has a chief goal of developing decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePINs). The respective networks will be benefitted from AI-powered sensors.

New Partnership between peaq Network and NATIX Provides Convenience to Drive& Users

As included in the integration, the Self-Sovereign Machine Identities of peaq will be utilized for drive-to-earn DePIN Drive&. With this integration, several devices linked to peaq will be provided to enhance the platform’s network activity. In addition to this, more value will be created for the stakeholders. Moreover, the Drive& consumers will also get additional rewards.

Besides incorporating additional devices to the network of peaq for the creation of real-world services and value, the integration makes great efforts. It incorporates a smartphone-focused DePIN into the ecosystem. This expands its potential reach to numerous devices and consumers. At present, there are up to 7B smartphone customers in the world. This categorizes the smartphone among the top universal linked devices.

Hence, the Peaq Network uses them to do several things like ordering food, navigating the streets, socializing, and so on. Nonetheless, doing all these things requires contains considerable data. The respective data comprises several insights like the crowdedness of a location. Extracting such insights does not sacrifice privacy, as per NATIX. The platform utilizes exclusive artificial intelligence to modify cameras on smartphones or CCTV by turning them into data processing units powered by AI.

The respective smart devices gather anonymized insights. After that, they deliver the respective data. This enables the monetization of the value possessed by their owners. At present, NATIX is integrating with peaq. As included in the integration, it brings Drive& (the prominent decentralized AI-powered sensor network and drive-to-earn application.

Drive& Consumers Will Get Additional Rewards with This Integration

Peaq’s package of tools will be leveraged by NATIX for its decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePINs). The initial phase of the integration will include the development of a proof-of-concept (PoC) project by NATIX on peaq. This phase will focus on testing the peaq IDs’ use as included in its recently released Drive& application. The 2nd phase will take integration to a further level, linking Drive& with peaq to enable the app consumers to get more rewards via the machine rewards apparatus of the peaq Network.

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